Expression of Interest Draw #201

Manitoba Immigration Pathways: Insights into Expression of Interest Draw #201

On November 30, The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) conducted its Expression of Interest (EOI) Draw #201, providing a glimpse into the ongoing dynamics of immigration selection in the province. Let’s delve into the key highlights and intricacies of this draw.

Skilled Worker in Manitoba

One of the focal points of Draw #201 was the selection of candidates under the Skilled Worker in Manitoba category. Specifically, individuals who declared a Manitoba Supporter as a close relative, possessing Canadian permanent residency or citizenship, and established residency in Manitoba for at least one year, were considered. A total of 148 Letters of Advice to Apply were issued, with the lowest-ranked candidate having a ranking score of 609.

International Education Stream

The draw also encompassed profiles meeting the eligibility criteria of the International Education Stream. A notable 82 Letters of Advice to Apply were issued under this stream, reflecting Manitoba’s commitment to attracting and retaining individuals with international educational backgrounds.

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Skilled Worker Overseas

Candidates falling under the Skilled Worker Overseas category were considered in this draw, with a specific emphasis on those directly invited by the MPNP under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative. A total of 38 Letters of Advice to Apply were extended, and the lowest-ranked candidate had a ranking score of 720.

Express Entry Profiles in Focus

Within the 268 Letters of Advice to Apply issued, 50 were dedicated to candidates declaring a valid Express Entry profile number and job seeker validation code. This adds a layer of flexibility, acknowledging candidates in alignment with the broader Express Entry system.

Important Notes and Considerations

Several notes provide insights into the nuances of the EOI system:

  • The EOI system underwent an upgrade between September 15 and October 6, 2022, leading to a temporary pause in draws.
  • The draw scores have shown an upward trend since the reactivation of the EOI system on November 17, 2022, indicating sustained interest and demand.
  • Clarity is offered on the consideration of Skilled Worker Overseas candidates, emphasizing those directly invited or possessing a valid Express Entry profile.
  • Candidates are reminded to ensure the accuracy of information in their EOIs, addressing potential issues such as language test validation or providing a valid Invitation Number for Strategic Recruitment Initiatives.
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Pathways and Documentation for Skilled Workers in Manitoba

For candidates selected under the Skilled Worker in Manitoba pathway’s Close Relative in Manitoba selection, certain criteria must be met. Documentation proving the close relative relationship to the Manitoba Supporter and their duration of residence in the province is essential. Manitoba Supporters, categorized as close relatives, must submit a Settlement Plan Part 2 with a proof of residence.

Considerations for Applicants

Candidates are encouraged to thoroughly review the details of their EOI, ensuring accuracy and completeness. Instances, where language test validation or Invitation Numbers for Strategic Recruitment Initiatives are lacking, may impact eligibility for future draws.

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As the MPNP continues to navigate high interest and evolving immigration dynamics, Draw #201 exemplifies the province’s commitment to a transparent and inclusive selection process. For candidates, it underscores the significance of staying informed, maintaining accurate EOIs, and considering the specific criteria of each draw.

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