International Mobility Program Plus Open Work Permit For Quebec Immigration

International Mobility Program Plus Open Work Permit For Quebec Immigration

The International Mobility Program Plus (IMP+) is a new open work permit for international skilled workers with CSQ.  A new pathway to reduce the waiting time before candidates and their families can arrive in Canada for approximately two-and-a-half years.

The International Mobility Program Plus offers a new work permit for candidates shortlisted by Quebec. It is an ideal way to fast-track the arrival of skilled professionals in Quebec to fulfill the labour shortages.

Canadian Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser recently said in an interview that ‘Canada’s economy continues to soar and recovering well from the hit of the pandemic, however, the country is fighting labour shortages and it is critical for many sectors in Quebec. The IMP+ work permit will definitely pace up the advent of skilled professionals to the province and assist newcomers to quickly settle.’

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Usually, international skilled workers shortlisted by Quebec will have to wait until the permanent resident application gets approved before being able to settle in the province. The International Mobility Program Plus (IMP+) allows the selected candidate for permanent residence by Quebec, who’s living abroad, to live and work in the province much sooner.

To qualify for IMP+ Open Work Permit, a candidate has to:

  • Settled abroad while applying
  • Have a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) stating that they have been shortlisted for permanent residence under the Regular Skilled Worker Program or the Permanent Immigration Pilot Program for workers in the artificial intelligence, information technologies, and visual effects sectors;
  • Have received a letter of invitation under the IMP+ program
  • Submit a complete application for a work permit. In case the application gets approved, an open, province-specific work permit will be issued to the applicant with the validity of three years.
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This year, the government targets to have 14,700 IMP+ applications. In 2023, the yearly cap on the acceptance of the applications will be 7350. Last year August, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada expanded the eligibility criteria for open work permits to involve skilled professionals who were temporarily working in Quebec and had applied for permanent residence. This permits workers to work while waiting for their application for permanent residence to be approved.

According to the agreement between Quebec and Canada, both governments are involved in the immigration-related decision-making process. Quebec is solely responsible for shortlisting the immigrants in certain immigration categories, who wish to move to the province while the federal government of Canada makes the final decision on their application.

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The launch of the International Mobility Program Plus promises that a pathway is available to Quebec-selected candidates who are more closely associated with applicants from other provinces and territories. Under the federal-provincial agreements, candidates who have received a nomination for permanent residence under a PNP qualify for a work permit while they apply for permanent residence.

According to the Federal government of Canada, in 2021 more than 25000 Quebec-skilled professionals were issued permanent residence, which is double the number of candidates admitted in the year 2021.

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