Canada Offers Extension to PGWPs Expired After September 20, 2021

Canada Offers Extension to PGWPs Expired After September 20, 2021

The Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser had previously announced that Canada is going to offer an extension to PGWPs expired after September 20, 2021. The Post-Graduation Work Permit holders whose permits are getting expired between September 20, 2021, and December 31, 2022, will stand eligible for a one-time extension. The Immigration Minister increased the eligibility start date of the announced PGWP extension effective from September 2021 to January 2022.

The latest policy is going to be very beneficial for the one whose PGWP is expiring. The amendment is made to adjust Canadian Experience Class (CEC) applicants who were not able to apply for immigration through Express Entry since September 21, 2021. IRCC put a hold on the draws for the applicants who are oftentimes Post-Graduation Work Permit holders, in a quest to reduce the backlog in the immigration applications. IRCC is to resume all-program draws for the applicants by July 6.

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Usually, Canada PGWPs is a one-time deal. Foreign graduates of qualifying full-time programs can get an open work permit for up to three years. Although, the latest amendment will permit qualifying PGWP holders to apply for the latest work permit for a validity period of up to one and a half years. The exceptional measure was announced in the month of April, but, details on how to apply are yet to be released.

PGWP holders are currently moving towards the expiration of their documents which Potentially puts them in risky situations. The holders may have to get a new work permit, quit jobs, or even leave the country. Thousands of PGWP holders turn into permanent residents every year as they are well-versed with the Canadian labour market because of their Canadian study and work experience. Last year, around 88,000 Post Graduate Work Permit holders turned into permanent residents. The federal government is expecting that more than 50,000 candidates will benefit from this latest reform.

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Immigration Pathways for Foreign Graduates in 2022

Canada is striving to retain foreign graduates in the country as they are ideal immigrants from the point of view of the government. During the pandemic, Canada tried its level best to accommodate the requirements of international students, it was pretty evident with the temporary TR to PR pathway, which permitted foreign graduates working in Canada to apply for permanent residence status.

In January, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser mentioned offering immigration pathways for foreign graduates. Recently, he added that “the government is trying to make things easier for international students and consider studies as a springboard to permanent residency.” Fraser has always been in support of foreign graduates. The new program will definitely help them towards attaining permanent residence status. The country is currently facing a significant labour shortage, with over one million job vacancies. The Canadian economy completely relies on foreign students as a source of labour in the post-pandemic era.

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