Prince Edward Island Immigration

Discover the charms of Prince Edward Island (PEI), a small yet captivating Atlantic island province in Canada. Despite its modest size and population, PEI offers a unique coastal culture and a thriving economy supported by booming tourism, fishing, and agricultural industries.

At ImmigCanada, we take pride in assisting aspiring immigrants with Prince Edward Island immigration and helping them with their dreams of making Canada their permanent home.

PEI PNP: Your Pathway to Canadian Permanent Residence

The PEI PNP opens up exciting opportunities for prospective newcomers by offering provincial nominations through various immigration streams, which can fast-track the path to Canadian permanent residence. These streams are categorized into three main categories:

PEI Express Entry

If an applicant is in the federal Express Entry pool and wishes to work and settle in Prince Edward Island, the applicant will stand eligible for the PEI Express Entry stream. To qualify, one is required to meet the eligibility criteria of one of the federal economic immigration classes.

Prince Edward Island Labour Impact

Foreign workers and recent graduates have the chance to apply for provincial nomination through one of PEI’s Labor Impact streams. Prince Edward Island immigration provides an accelerated path to permanent residency for individuals who have already secured employment with a PEI employer.

  • Skilled Workers in PEI
  • Skilled Workers Outside Canada
  • Critical Worker
  • International Graduate

PEI Business Impact

Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to establish a business with 100% ownership or invest in a new or established PEI business can take advantage of the Business Impact stream. This pathway also offers the option to obtain a work permit by investing in a PEI business, facilitating a smoother transition to your new life in Canada and PEI.

  • Work Permit
  • 100% Ownership (closed)
  • Partial Ownership (closed)

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Prince Edward Island Ranking System

To initiate the Prince Edward Island immigration process via the PEI PNP, applicants must create a profile in the province’s Expression of Interest (EOI) system. Your profile will be assigned a score based on various factors, and the highest-ranking candidates will receive invitations to submit applications during periodic intakes.

Explore the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP)

PEI is also an active participant in the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP), a collaborative economic growth initiative between the federal government and Canada’s Atlantic provinces. This pathway streamlines the process for the ones who have a job from a designated employer in the Atlantic region. With our expertise, you can confidently pursue your dreams of living and working in beautiful Prince Edward Island, basking in its breathtaking natural beauty, vibrant communities, and robust economic opportunities.