Labour & Express Entry Stream

Prince Edward Invites Candidates Under Labour & Express Entry Stream

On June 29, 2023, the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) conducted its third invitation round of the month. This latest draw specifically targeted candidates under its Labour & Express Entry stream. Notably, no Business Work Permit Entrepreneur stream invitations were issued in this particular draw. Here, we will highlight the specifics of the invitations and the overall trends observed in the PEI PNP draws over the past year.

Labour & Express Entry Invitations

The most recent PEI PNP draw welcomed a total of 90 candidates through the Labour & Express Entry streams. These streams have proven to be highly popular among individuals seeking immigration opportunities in Prince Edward Island. The PEI PNP draws have consistently demonstrated a strong preference for candidates possessing the skills and qualifications desired by the province.

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Business Work Permit Entrepreneur Invitations

Contrary to the Labour & Express Entry streams, no invitations were extended to candidates in the Business Work Permit Entrepreneur category during this draw. The PEI PNP aims to strike a balance between attracting skilled workers and entrepreneurs, but this specific draw focused solely on the former.

Historical Invitation Statistics

Over the past 12 months, the Prince Edward Island PNP has issued a total of 2,464 invitations to candidates under the Labour & Express Entry streams. These streams have accounted for a significant portion of the immigration intake into the province. Conversely, only 96 invitations were extended to Business Work Permit Entrepreneur candidates during the same period.

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Let’s take a closer look at the breakdown:

  • Labour & Express Entry invitations for the last one year: 96%
  • Business Work Permit Entrepreneur invitations for the last one year: 4%

The data reaffirms the PEI PNP’s emphasis on attracting skilled workers and individuals with desirable qualifications.

Alignment with the 2023 Draw Schedule

The latest PEI PNP draw aligns with the proposed draw schedule for the year 2023. The program authorities aim to ensure transparency and predictability in the invitation rounds, allowing potential immigrants to plan their applications accordingly.

Advantages of the Labour Impact and Express Entry Streams

Both the Labour Impact and Express Entry streams of the PEI PNP present viable pathways for individuals with sought-after skills and qualifications. These streams offer candidates the chance to make a valuable contribution to Prince Edward Island’s economy and thrive in its diverse and welcoming communities. The recent PEI PNP draw highlighted the province’s ongoing commitment to attracting skilled workers through the Labour & Express Entry streams. While no Business Work Permit Entrepreneur invitations were issued in this round, it’s important to recognize that the PEI PNP aims to create a balanced immigration approach that benefits the province’s economic growth.

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