Global Liveability Index 2022

EIU Ranks Three Canadian Cities in the Top 10 of the Global Livability Index 2022

The only country with three cities in the top ten is – Canada. In their 2022 Global Livability Index, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has ranked 172 top cities from all over the world, of which, Canadian cities made known in the top ten. The EIU’s rankings are based on several important factors, such as stability, culture, healthcare, education, environment, and infrastructure. The EIU is a research division of a company that is related to The Economist newspaper. For more than 70 years, the EIU has studied and kept track of how global development affects people and cities based on livability scores.

Calgary, Alberta, and Zurich tied for third place this year. It was better than Zurich in terms of education and infrastructure, but not culture or environment. Overall, Vienna came in first, and Copenhagen scored the second position.

Vancouver came in fifth, and Toronto, the biggest and most populated city in Canada came in eighth on the Global Livability Index 2022. This is a better ranking than in 2021 when the pandemic restrictions steered these cities down the list. In 2021, Toronto was the 20th largest city in the world. This year, Damascus, Tripoli, and Lagos came in last because they are unstable places to live, and there is a high risk of terrorism.

This year, the overall scores for all cities were remarkably higher because some parts of the world are now souped-up places to live and have made it to the list of the 2022 most livable cities in the world. As more people got vaccinated against COVID-19, ranking grades in culture and environment have gone up a lot since 2021 and are now backtracked to where they were before the pandemic.

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People Suspect Canada is Safe and Stable

Worth noticing that the country of Canada is the only one home to three cities in the top ten. This shows that the standard of living in Canada is relatively high. Because of this, Canada is often thought of as a place where people would like to immigrate, have life, and find prospects in work. In addition, Canada is always ranked as one of the world’s safest, most sustainable, and liveable countries. Moreover, a recent study by the Canadian Bureau for International Education revealed that for international students, Canada’s stability is the most crucial factor.

By 2024, Canada is all systems go to welcome more than 450,000 new permanent residents yearly. To reach this goal, the country proposes to people, more than 100 pathway plans, for those who want to move and live in Canada permanently.

The Top Ranked Cities in Canada

Regardless, of where you plan to be in Canada next year, it is inescapable to become an intrinsic citizen of these top 10 enlisted cities of Canada.

City Calgary, Alberta, is ranked 3rd in the world

Calgary is third on the list of the most populous city in Canada. About 1.3 million people live there. It is the largest city in Canada’s Prairie provinces and serves as the region’s economic center. The economy of Calgary is diverse and helps a wide array of industries. However, the energy industry in Calgary is probably the most important. It makes up about 80% of the country’s total oil production.

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City Vancouver, British Columbia, is ranked 5th in the world

Vancouver, on Canada’s west coast, is an ideal place for newcomers to go for honourable reasons. Most importantly, this city has a more pleasant climate than most other places in Canada. So, people here can avoid the below-freezing times of Canada. In addition, more than 40% of the people who live in Vancouver are first-generation immigrants, which makes the city a very diverse and favourable landmark for new arrivals.

City Toronto, Canada, is ranked 8th in the world

Toronto is an impelling metropolis, where massive people end up moving only due to its chock-full multicultural vogue, fascinating green environment, work opportunities, and more. With almost 3 million people living in the city and nearly 6 million in the Greater Toronto Area, it is considered to be the most populated city in Canada. Recorded as the biggest city in Canada, Toronto is a hub for many industries. It is the financial center of Canada and home to some of the leading law firms and big-league business places in the country. In a nutshell, Toronto is a city where people can tread to build a strong and thriving future in real-time.

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Access to a Permanent Place in Canada

Wondering to move to Canada and be a family of permanent residents? Here are a few things to consider while moving to Canada.

Express Entry

The Express Entry application management system is the most common way for an immigrant to get a permanent residency. The first thing a candidate needs to do is figure out if they are eligible for one of these programs. Then, qualified candidates can make a profile with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to get their CRS score.

PNPs, or Provincial Nominee Programs

Through a program called the Provincial Nominee Program, skilled immigrants can also apply directly to a province (PNP). Through these programs, provincial governments can choose candidates they think will do well in their province.


Quebec has its own rules and criteria for choosing immigrants. If Quebec chooses you to move there, you and your family will get a “Certificat de sélection du Québec” (CSQ). After getting a CSQ, a person can apply to IRCC for permanent residence.

Canada also has temporary foreign worker programs, student visas, and temporary resident (visitor) visas for people who wish to become a part of Canada or these top 3 cities of Canada to live the best life in one of the top-rated Canadian cities as per the Global liveability index 2022.

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