The Express Entry application system may be suitable for skilled workers and professionals seeking permanent residence in Canada. Studying in Canada is the new way for permanent residence for Students. Ambitious youngsters from emerging countries like India or Vietnam can explore another pathway to Canadian permanent residence—a study permit in Canada.

A degree from a reputed Canadian educational institution coupled with internship experience followed by a full-time job under the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) can offer a clear and easy route to Canada PR for foreign students.

What’s more, being an international student opens up numerous provincial nomination streams closed to foreign skilled workers.

International Graduate and Express Entry for Studying in Canada

A Canadian degree can prove to be a great shortcut to an employment offer from a Canadian firm, which can boost your CRS score by 50-200 points, the biggest boost barring the 600 points awarded to successful provincial nomination.

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Job offer apart, completing post-secondary education in Canada means a 15-30 point boost to your CRS score.

To qualify for PR, one must have a high CRS score and be eligible under one of the three federal immigration programs. Full-time study in Canada can help you score five out of the ten points awarded under Adaptability selection factor of the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

An arranged employment can lead to another five points and give you a ten-point boost over others, not a small thing considering you need just 67 points to qualify under the FSWP.

Provincial Nomination Advantage of Studying in Canada

The real advantage of a Canadian degree lies in how it opens up the route to provincial nomination. British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Ontario—all have specific streams targeting international graduates.

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So, it makes sense to keep an eye on these streams when choosing the institution, program, and province for studying in Canada. The right choice can lead to an assured route to permanent residence post completion of the degree.

Student Entrepreneurs Welcome

Canada is probably the only country in the world that offers students the opportunity to become entrepreneurs and simultaneously qualify for permanent residence on the basis of their Canadian degree.

Apart from British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, and Ontario, all other provinces have some form of international graduate entrepreneur streams where students with innovative startup ideas enjoy a fast-track route to permanent residence.

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Studying in Canada—Factors to Consider

Your choice of province and program should be based on factors like-

  • Existing and potential in-demand occupations in the province.
  • Presence of international graduate and international graduate entrepreneur PNP streams.
  • Quality of education and reputation of the institutions in the province.
  • Internship opportunities among employers in the province, which can easily lead to a job offer after graduation.
  • Suitability of the PGWP route for working and qualifying for PR from another province.

Canada’s unique interlinking of studying and immigration means your study decision should be based on something more than just academic factors and parameters. This is why consulting with an immigration professional specializing in both study and immigration assistance will be a very smart move.

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