Does Proof of Citizenship Allow Someone to Become a Canadian?

If one is born in a different country to at least one Canadian parent, one may qualify for Canadian citizenship. In this case, when the person already qualifies for citizenship, they are not required to go through the usual application process, which includes physical presence as a permanent resident, a knowledge test, and being present at the citizenship ceremony apart from the other requirements. As an alternate, one should apply for proof of citizenship, which is called a citizenship certificate.

If you are already a Canadian citizen and were born in Canada, except you were born to foreign diplomats. Those born abroad may already be Canadian if at least one of their parents was a first-generation Canadian.

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In order to be considered a first-generation Canadian, your parent is required to be either born in Canada or attained citizenship by going through the application process. In case your grandparent was a first-generation Canadian and your parent got citizenship by descent, then the person will not stand eligible for proof of citizenship. Although, one can still apply for citizenship through the Canadian immigration process.

Process for Obtaining Proof of Citizenship

To apply for proof of citizenship, one must have the application package offered by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). One must be able to demonstrate their biological or legal parent was a Canadian citizen when the applicant was born. IRCC accepts proof such as a parent’s birth certificate, Canadian citizenship card, or Citizenship certificate. After submission of the application, IRCC shares an acknowledgment of receipt, called an AOR, once IRCC confirms that the submitted application is complete. IRCC will send a Canadian citizenship certificate once the application has been approved.

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One can conveniently check the processing status of the application online. Complex files usually take longer processing times than anticipated. In case of any urgency, IRCC offers benefits for people in need such as healthcare, a social insurance number, starting a job, or in case of emergency travel. The federal government of Canada charges CAD 75 for application.

To avoid any discrepancy during the application process, one needs to hire a Canadian immigration lawyer to assist you with the process. A seasoned immigration consultant will ensure that you meet all the eligibility criteria and help you prove your Canadian citizenship without any interruption.

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