Boom in Tech Immigration—4 Reasons Why Canada Likely to Need More Tech Immigration

Boom in Tech Immigration—4 Reasons Why Canada Likely to Need More Tech Immigration

For a skilled worker seeking immigration opportunities, the world can be easily divided into two categories—Canada and the rest of the world.

Canada has a stable and functional immigration system where the provinces and the Federal government work together to attract skilled workers and entrepreneurs in large numbers. In the rest of the world, immigration is a chaotic affair and a political hot potato where success often is a matter of fluke or chance than any real planning.

Canada—the ‘Too Good to be True’ Worry among Immigrants

Yet, there is always fear among foreign skilled workers that the Canadian example is too good to be true and that Canada’s need for immigrants will get filled quickly and this wonderful opportunity will soon come to an end.

What you need to understand is that Canada need for immigrants like tech workers goes beyond just lower labor costs and higher profits for Canadian companies. For Canada, attracting skilled immigrants is a demographic compulsion that is essential for sustained economic growth.

Further, Canada has long faced the problem of brain drain of tech workers to US and other developed countries. The recent years may have seen Indian tech workers switching from the US to Canada.

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However, the pandemic and the widespread acceptance of remote working has led to a new complication. There is now a virtual brain drain from Canada to the US and other countries.

Today, a tech worker may live in Canada but may be working full-time for a tech firm located in the US. The person may be living in Canada but all the benefits of his skills and expertise are enjoyed by a foreign country.

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As this trend gains strength, Canada will have to boost immigration to undo the impact of this new type of brain drain to protect its own tech ecosystem. And where will this tech talent come from? Obviously, from other foreign countries.

This is the first reason why you should stop worrying that immigration opportunities in Canada will dry up. Canada is losing talent to other countries even as it attracts skilled workers through its federal and provincial immigration programs. So, don’t be in a hurry to become very pessimistic about your prospects.

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Second, unlike India, Vietnam, and other emerging countries, Canada has developed a strong and productive ecosystem for startups and tech companies.

Ontario is the preferred destination for skilled workers immigrating to Canada and this is primarily because the tech hub in Greater Toronto Area is the fastest-growing tech ecosystem tech hub in the country today.

The Global Talent Stream that offers a work permit within just 14 days for eligible tech applicants is probably the fastest work permit program/stream in the entire world.

Having invested so much into creating tech hubs in the country, Canada’s federal and provincial governments are unlikely to just shut it all down after a few years of progress. Technology is evolving and Canada would definitely like to be the leader of the latest round of disruptive and exciting innovations in this field.

Thirdly, what do the numbers say? A look at tech-centric work permit and immigration options show that there has been no significant fall in the numbers. Employers continue to look for skilled tech talent and workers too continue to seek opportunities in Canada.

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In fact, BC has converted its PNP Tech Pilot program into a permanent Tech program, although the program had, for all intents and purposes, already transformed from a pilot into a permanent program.

And finally, keep in mind that tech companies don’t look at the US and Canada as a zero sum game where one must be chosen and the other must lose. Companies are expanding into Canada because it is very easy to hire foreign talent here.

Transferring a skilled worker to the US by first appointing him/her for a skilled position in Canada is a lot simpler compared to tackling US immigration or work visa options. Canada is becoming the best place in the world for tech companies to hire foreign skilled talent.

This means you should stop worrying about the Canada immigration dream coming to an end. Instead, focus on improving your profile to boost your chances of landing your dream tech job in Canada.

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