BC PNP Skills Immigration Draw

BC PNP Draw: 185 Candidates Invited in November’s Skills Immigration Round

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) has once again made a significant move in its mission to welcome skilled workers and graduates to contribute to the diverse and thriving labor market of the province. In the latest Skills Immigration draw held on November 28, 2023, the BC PNP issued invitations to 185 candidates across various streams.

Who Got the Call?

In this round, candidates from the Skilled Worker and International Graduate streams were the focus, emphasizing the province’s commitment to attracting diverse talent. The draw was categorized into four sections, each targeting specific occupations and skill sets.

Category 1: General (including Tech occupations)

  • Number of invitations: 80
  • Minimum score: 94
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Category 2: Childcare: Early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 42202)

  • Number of invitations: 49
  • Minimum score: 60

Category 3: Construction

  • Number of invitations: 27
  • Minimum score: 75

Category 4: Healthcare

  • Number of invitations: 29
  • Minimum score: 60

Continuation of a Trend: High Invites with Low Scores

The November 28th draw is part of a consistent pattern observed in BC PNP draws throughout 2023. The province has been issuing a notable number of invitations with relatively low minimum scores, making it an opportune time for skilled workers and graduates to explore the possibility of obtaining permanent residency in British Columbia.

BC PNP’s Regular Rhythm

This draw is the fourth Skills Immigration draw conducted by the BC PNP in November alone. The province has maintained a frequency of 4-5 draws almost every month throughout the year. The trend is expected to persist into December, providing a continued avenue for candidates to pursue their dream of settling in British Columbia.

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BC PNP’s Ongoing Commitment

The BC PNP’s consistent efforts to welcome skilled individuals reflect the province’s commitment to building a robust and diverse workforce. As the year progresses into its final month, aspiring candidates can look forward to more opportunities and draws, continuing the trend of high invites and opening doors to a promising future in British Columbia.

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