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Access to Talent and Easier Foreign Hiring Bringing More and More US Companies to Canada

Canada or US? US or Canada? No skilled worker exploring work opportunities abroad or even a young student comparing foreign study destinations can avoid this tricky and confusing question.

The US has been the top destination for skilled immigrants and young students for decades. But, the past decade has seen random policy changes, suspension of programs, controversial proposals, and EB-category processing times ranging between five years to five decades for the green card.

Canada, on the other hand, ticks all the boxes! Transparent pro-immigration policies, decentralization of powers for a responsive and controversy-free immigration system, points-based immigration programs, scores of programs at the federal and provincial level—that’s Canada immigration for you.

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Canada or US—What are US Employers Doing? the Question  

So how to settle this question? Should you stick to the US because if its track record or choose Canada because it offers the best future?

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The simplest and easiest solution is to look at what employers in the US are doing. Ultimately, whether you are a skilled worker looking for a career in Canada or a student seeking a degree and a better future abroad, finding a good job with a reputed employer is the most important factor.

And which country do employers prefer? A survey covering 500 HR professionals and hiring managers in the US has thrown up some very interesting numbers.

96 percent of all respondents i.e. 480 out of the 500 respondents said that foreign talent was an integral part of their company’s hiring strategy. And more than 80 percent said their headcount of foreign employees will either increase or remain the same in the coming years.

Bottom line—foreign talent is very important for US companies.

Around 60 percent of the respondents said that they either have an office in Canada or are planning to expand into Canada in the near future.

And why are the US companies looking to expand here?

Around 25 percent of the HR managers preferred Canada because of the ability to access talent here. And close to one-third of the HR professionals said they were considering Canada primarily because it was easier to hire foreign talent there as compared to the US.

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What the Numbers Imply?  

Despite easy accessibility, US companies never found the need to aggressively expand into Canada. But now, despite the pandemic, US companies want to setup offices in Canada and one in three want to do so just for easier hiring of foreign talent.

So, this means you have absolutely nothing to lose by choosing Canada over the US. Instead of working for a US employer in the US, you can find a job with the US company’s office in Canada.

And it is not as if Canada does not have big companies of its own. A US degree or work experience in the US won’t give you any advantage with Canadian employers. Making Canada your top priority will help you become a permanent resident within six to twelve months of joining the Express Entry pool.

If you still want to explore opportunities in the US, you can always qualify for citizenship and then work as a Canadian in the US.

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The point here is that giving more importance to Canada in your work or study plans has virtually no downside. And this isn’t just an opinion. Six out of every ten HR manager in the US agrees with this viewpoint and wants to expand into Canada.

And another report virtually settles the issue. A survey of top countries of the world for attracting talent has just two non-European countries in the list of top-ten rankings. One was Singapore and the other—Canada. The US? Ranked 15th.

When employers prefer to come here to hire foreign talent and skilled workers too prefer working here, then what other reason do you need to plan your future as a skilled worker or foreign student in Canada?

If you want to get started with your Canadian journey, then play it smart by contacting a qualified and authorized immigration attorney to understand your eligibility for the various Canada study, work permit, and immigration options.

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