5 Reasons Why an MBA from Canada may the best Career Decision for You

5 Reasons Why an MBA from Canada may the best Career Decision for You

Adding a foreign MBA degree to your resume can be a great career decision that can open up lucrative professional opportunities across the world. While the US and some European countries are popular, Canada is fast becoming a very popular study destination for B-school students.

Stepping Stone to Permanent Residence

A foreign degree decision is normally based on parameters like quality of education, the reputation of universities and colleges, living cost, post-graduation employment prospects etc. However, doing an MBA from Canada offers one advantage that no other country can match.

The degree will be a virtual shortcut to permanent residence in the country. A specialized degree like MBA can easily lead to a job offer in Canada, which means an immediate addition of 200 points to your Express Entry CRS score.

Your foreign student experience will help you score high on Adaptability, which means you will stand a very good chance to qualify for an Invitation to Apply under Express Entry. This means the MBA can virtually guarantee permanent residence in Canada along with a well-paying job in a span of just six months post completion of the degree.

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Attractive Job Prospects

Canada’s economy has been growing at a steady pace and the job market, despite the odd hiccup,  is filled with opportunities, especially for those with specialized skills and training in business administration and management.

The MBA will enable you to qualify for a work permit under the Post-Graduation Work program. This means your path to permanent residence and a secure and prosperous future in Canada remains secure even in the unlikely scenario you don’t qualify under any of the three Federal programs under Express Entry.   

Diverse Opportunities across the Country

Canada has numerous reputed business schools across different provinces. This is significant since this enables you to plan strategically and choose a school and program that will make it easier for you to qualify under a Provincial Nomination Program.

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An international graduate from British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, or Ontario enjoys an advantage over other PNP applicants. Further, an MBA will be a big plus under EE-streams of PNPs as well.

World-Class Institutions and Quality Education

Canada fulfills a very important requirement for MBA applicants—presence of world-class institutions offering quality education and practical training in business management and administration.

Canada has multiple institutions and universities in list of top-ranked B-schools across the world, which makes it a smart choice considering other advantages offered by Canada.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Canada’s booming startup ecosystem combined with proactive government support towards tech hubs in Toronto, Montreal, and other cities means a foreign student can look forward to numerous entrepreneurial opportunities after their MBAs.

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Apart from the Federal Startup Visa program, provinces including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island have PNP streams aimed at entrepreneurs, startup creators, and even students with innovative business ideas.

Irrespective of whether you intend to find a job or run a business or create a startup after your MBA, Canada offers the perfect combination of quality education, training infrastructure, and post-graduation employment and immigration options to ambitious foreign professionals.  

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