Atlantic Immigration Pilot —An Easier Route to Canadian Immigration?

Atlantic Immigration Pilot —An Easier Route to Canadian Immigration?

Canada has always been an immigrant-friendly nation but some provinces have been more successful in attracting immigrant talent as compared to others. Atlantic Immigration Pilot program (AIPP) is the one to credit.

Historically, the Atlantic provinces have attracted fewer immigrants, which is why, as compared to other provinces, the four provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island offer a quicker, easier, and smoother route to Canadian permanent residence through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program (AIPP).  

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) and Express Entry Compared

A designated employer eligible under the AIPP to offer jobs to foreign skilled workers is exempt from the mandatory requirement of completing a Labor Market Impact Assessment. Exemption from LMIA makes it cheaper and faster for the employer to hire foreign workers, which means an eligible skilled worker can qualify for Canadian PR faster through the AIPP.

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An immigrant qualifying under the International Graduate sub-program of the AIPP can qualify for permanent residence with zero work experience, in Canada or abroad. This means merely completing a two-year course from an educational institution in the Atlantic provinces and getting a job offer after graduation can lead to assured Canadian PR and, subsequently, citizenship.

As compared to CLB/NCLC 7 under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the AIPP requires language proficiency of just CLB/NCLC 4, which means lack of proficiency in English or French will no longer be an impediment to your Canadian PR aspirations. Finally, unlike EE and the federal and provincial programs covered in it, the AIPP is not a points-based program. All those who fulfill the eligibility requirements can apply without having to complete against other skilled worker immigrants

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) and PNPs Compared

The biggest advantage that the AIPP offers over provincial nomination programs is its simplicity.

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Quebec apart, all provinces have streams open only to those already in the Express Entry pool with other streams operating on a conventional first-come first-served basis. Provinces follow their own procedures and timelines in conducting draws, opening streams or sub-programs for applications, and issuing Invitations to Apply.

Combined with different eligibility requirements, applying to a PNP stream can become an extremely complicated exercise.

The AIPP, in comparison, is a much simpler program. Getting a job offer from an eligible employer is the primary requirement. Once you have the job offer in hand, then fulfilling the other requirements and qualifying for PR is a simple and easy exercise.  

Overview of Requirements under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program (AIPP)

Work Experience

  • One-year full-time work experience within the past three years.
  • Foreign or in-Canada legal work experience in the applicant’s main occupation too counts.
  • Applicant’s Main occupation must either be NOC Skill Type 0, Skill Level A, or Skill Level B
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International graduate from an educational institution in an Atlantic province applying within 24 months of graduation is exempt from the work experience requirement.

Job offer

  • Full time and non-seasonal job offer
  • for one-year contract or longer or on a permanent basis
  • for a Type 0 or Level A or B occupation under NOC
  • from a designated employer in an Atlantic province


  • High school diploma or post-secondary certificate/degree or its Canadian equivalent

Language Proficiency

  • CLB or NCLC Level 4 for English or French respectively.

Financial Stability

  • Proof of capability to support self and family members in Canada

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