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Global Talent Stream

Global Talent Stream (GTS) is used by Canadian employers for the job vacancies that they couldn’t fill locally. Through this stream, Canada invites and recruits highly skilled international workers in specialized occupations, such as professionals from information technology and engineering. The most beneficial aspect of this scheme is that candidates are provided with a work permit in 2 weeks approximately.

GTS Categories

The GTS is divided into two categories.

Category A – Designated Partner Referral: Under this category, a GTS designated partner organization refers to Canadian employers wanting to hire a foreign worker with special skills or talent. For the same, this foreign worker must own either a postgraduate degree in a specialized area or must have experience of a minimum of five years in a specialized position along with a salary of CAD $80,000 annually (or more in some cases)

Category B – In Demand Occupations: Under this category, a Canadian employer can hire for an occupation listed under the Global Occupation List. The foreign worker hired under this category must earn a salary of CAD $80,000 or more. 

How to Apply for the GTS as a Foreign Worker?

Evaluate Your Skills: A candidate is first required to match their skills for the criteria for jobs included in Category A & B. As a candidate can only apply for the jobs mentioned by Canadian employers and not directly to the GTS.

Get a Job: After assessing the skills, the next step for the candidate is to receive a job offer from the Canadian employers who is qualified for GTS as per Category A or B.

Canadian Work Permit Application: Afterward, prepare a work permit application with a job offer received, a copy of LMIA (provided by the employer), a police clearance certificate, and a medical exam receipt. Once all the documents are collated, submit this application for further processing. The application takes around 10 business days to complete the process.

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