Why Hire an Immigration Consultant?

Immigration consultants can assist with various issues that may arise during the application process for Canadian Immigration. Unpredicted situations, permissibility issues, policy, and governing updates that are among some of the items that an immigration consultant may support you through during the immigration journey.

An Immigration consultant assists employers and organizations with a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) if required, then help the candidate with the work permit application if one has a Canadian job offer.

Having a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) by your side can assist you to prevent errors on your immigration application, and avoid misrepresentation which can lead to a five-year ban. Immigrant consultants can even also find errors made by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and guide them on further steps. RCICs always stay up to date with the latest reforms in the program and application process such as portal issues, glitches, and other information.

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Canadian immigration consultants are recognized by provincial authorities and the numerous societies that observe the legal profession. They overlook the entire process to ensure a certain standard of knowledge, professionalism, and service. It assists to make sure that you, the client, are getting the best possible legal services from an authorized consultant. When an applicant applied for the immigration process alone, they cannot always figure out answers to a lot of questions about their case. An RCIC helps the person navigate through the complex legal system and attain permanent residence status. Immigration consultants help you with all the answers to your questions and aid you find an ideal pathway to Canada for your situation.

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An immigration consultant may identify programs that one is not previously aware of and guide you with which is ideal for you to go ahead with. They will help you with what measures to take to apply for the right immigration program for you. In case, IRCC makes a decision that is not in your favour then the consultant can guide what options one may have to appeal.

However, investing in hiring an immigration consultant or an RCIC will definitely help you save your time, energy, and possibly your future in Canada. If the applicant is not shortlisted for the Express Entry, then there are more than 100 different ways to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker. Perhaps you wish to immigrate to Quebec, or through a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), or another federal immigration program such as the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP).

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Let our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) take the first step, and find out if you are eligible for Canadian immigration.

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