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Saskatchewan PNP Issues Invitations to 642 Candidates for Permanent Residency in Latest Draw

In a significant development, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) has recently conducted successive Expression of Interest (EOI) draws in the month of August, thereby extending invitations to a total of 642 candidates under its Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand categories. The draw, which took place on August 16, 2023, required candidates to meet a minimum score of 60 in order to be eligible for consideration in this round of invitations.

Highlights of the Latest Saskatchewan PNP Draw

Draw 1: India Focus

In the first draw, a substantial number of candidates who were issued invitations hailed from India. This selection appears to be aligned with a strategic recruitment initiative aimed at engaging with Indian candidates and linking them to various employment opportunities within the local labor market.

Under the Express Entry category, a total of 224 candidates were invited to apply, all of whom had achieved a minimum score of 60. Similarly, within the Occupation In-Demand category, a total of 207 candidates received invitations, each meeting the stipulated score threshold of 60.

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Draw 2: Focus on European Countries

The second draw witnessed invitations being extended to candidates residing in multiple European countries, including Poland, Czechia, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Ukraine. This selection aligns with the program’s endeavor to reach out to qualified individuals in these countries and connect them with employment opportunities in the Saskatchewan labor market.

In the Express Entry stream, 98 candidates received invitations, all of whom possessed a minimum score of 60. Within the Occupation In-Demand category, 78 candidates were invited, each with a score equal to or exceeding 60.

Draw 3: Targeting Ireland

The third draw had a distinct focus on candidates residing in Ireland. This move seems to be part of a broader strategy to engage with Irish candidates and facilitate their integration into the local workforce.

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For the Express Entry category, a total of 23 candidates were selected, each having a score of 60 or above. Similarly, within the Occupation In-Demand category, 12 candidates received invitations, meeting the set score threshold of 60.

Occupation Selection and NOC Codes

It is important to note that not all occupations were eligible for selection in this SINP draw. The selection process was confined to occupations that were aligned with specific National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes listed on the Canada Occupation In-Demand List. A detailed analysis of these codes and their corresponding occupations has been covered in our comprehensive news coverage.

SINP’s Ongoing Invitation Process

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) operates on a weekly invitation issuance basis, with certain exceptions. The timing, frequency, and volume of invitations are all influenced by the prevailing needs of the application pool during each invitation round.

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In conclusion, the latest series of draws conducted by the Saskatchewan PNP serves as a significant milestone in its efforts to attract skilled individuals from various corners of the world. The strategic focus on countries such as India, European nations, and Ireland indicates a concerted effort to align immigration with the province’s economic and labor market needs. The program’s commitment to a transparent and regular invitation process underscores its dedication to building a diverse and highly skilled workforce that can contribute to the growth and prosperity of Saskatchewan.

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