What Jurisdiction does Quebec have when it comes to Immigration?

While the federal government of Canada governs shortlisting and settling other types of immigrants throughout Canada, the acquisition of wider authority in the realm of immigration, Quebec has been granted supreme authority to select certain immigrants and see if they are admitted to the province.

When Quebec selects an immigrant, they will receive a CSQ which confirms that Quebec has selected the individual for immigration. Quebec has its own immigration ministry, certain immigration procedures, quotas, and the ability to select immigrants, unlike other provinces.

The Quebec immigration authority and their plan for the future

The province of Quebec says the 50,000 new residents will come from various economic and family class programs. Under the economic class, the target is between 18,000 and 22,000 skilled workers, 1,500 and 2,300 business immigrants, and 5,000 to 5,700 candidates in other financial programs. Under the family class immigration category, the target is around 10,000 candidates.

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How to Immigrate to Quebec

Economic Immigration Programs

The province of Quebec emphasizes language knowledge and immigration eligibility to their third primary language, French. To immigrate to Quebec, applicants can meet the requirements of the immigration programs without fluency in French.

For foreign skilled professionals or workers who wish to get a status of a permanent resident in Canada and settle in Quebec province, Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) is the best-fit option for them. For the foreign workers engaged in food, orderlies, artificial intelligence, visual effects, and IT, Quebec Permanent Immigration Pilot Programs are recommended. An n alternative for non-French speakers is also available under the profile. If you are an international student with a diploma from Quebec or a skilled worker with experience in the province, The Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) may be a good option. Applicants for this program must be 18 years or older, intend to stay in Quebec for work, and have an advanced intermediate level of French.

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Family Immigration Programs

If you want to sponsor a family member to make him settle down in the province of Quebec, you must make applications through the provincial and federal levels of immigration. To sponsor your family member under family class sponsorship, you must be sure of providing financial support and be financially stable. Sponsors living in the Quebec province must meet distinct financial requirements from the rest of the provinces.

Refugee Immigration Programs

Refugees in Canada may file for asylum and be granted status depending on the circumstance. If they are not eligible for any other stream but have compelling reasons to stay in Canada, they may be granted permanent resident status if their claim is approved. Quebec processes refugee applications using a step in-between other Canadian provinces. Quebec reviews the application to evaluate if the refugees are eligible to settle in the province and later send it to the federal government. The government of Quebec and the federal government work together to set a quota for refugees to be taken by Quebec each year.

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