Job Vacancies in Canada

Canada Still has More Vacancies than Jobs

Recently, Canada’s employment rate has been falling, with many of their job vacancies not being filled. In addition, Canada’s monthly report on pay and employment has revealed that the number of employees receiving pay or benefits from their employer has decreased for the first time since last May. As a result, 26,000 jobs are no longer on the payroll of surveyed employers.

Canada Still has Over One Million Job Vacancies.

There have been significant job losses to industries like educational services, healthcare, and social assistance due to the elimination of jobs in the construction sector. The loss of these jobs is largely attributed to a province-wide strike which caused significant delays on projects throughout construction.

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Retail trade jobs are better than expected.

Despite the decrease in employment in Ontario’s retail trade industry, the overall current rate is still six percent higher than it was in May 2021. As well, one sector that showed growth in every province of Canada is professional, scientific, and technical services.

Canada has over 1 million job vacancies and is earning more.

The most considerable increase in weekly earnings came from people working in retail, which rose by 9.3% during the most recent period available.

Job vacancies are in demand in the healthcare industry.

The vacancy rate for the social services sector has risen by 20%. It’s now reached 6.1% – up from 5.4% in April and very close to 7% – the threshold at which further immigration to Canada should be curbed.

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Canada has a high unemployment rate and a lot of job vacancies.

Over a million jobs are vacant in Canada. Canada is planning to reach the second highest immigration target by inviting more British people and those from other countries to live there in the next four years

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