Professional Immigration Assistance – Necessary in normal times and Absolutely Invaluable during Emergencies

Professional Immigration Assistance – Necessary in normal times and Absolutely Invaluable during Emergencies

What will happen to my student visa application now that my university has suspended all classes due to Covid-19? 

My work permit is pending renewal and I am required to travel abroad for a personal emergency in the family. Will I lose status if my work permit expires when I am abroad. 

My spouse studied in Canada and my CRS score was calculated on this basis and I have filed by EE application after getting an ITA. I am now divorcing my spouse. Will this affect my EE eligibility? 

These three situations can happen with anybody and an ordinary person is unlikely to have the thorough understanding of rules and procedures to take the correct decision. The worst thing about such situations is that a wrong decision can throw your Canadian dream off track or even render it impossible.

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Now, add a professional immigration lawyer to this setup and all these questions can be answered and all the issues resolved in a jiffy. 

The Corona pandemic, although a once-in-a-century phenomenon, has highlighted how a DIY approach to your immigration application can backfire during emergencies or abnormal situations. 

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On the other hand, working with an experienced professional will help you enjoy the following advantages and benefits. 

Regular Targeted Updates

The pandemic has resulted in wholesale modification, suspension, or exemption of numerous immigration rules and procedures. Now, which of these changes apply to you? 

To presume you are exempt from complying with an immigration rule when you are not can lead to disastrous consequences. Conversely, missing an update may lead to unnecessary hardship and unnecessary complications. 

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A professional who’s aware of the nuances of your unique situation will help you with targeted updates that give you a clear picture of how the immigration setup has changed for you. 

Guidance on Interpreting Rules

It is against the law to provide incorrect information in your immigration application. But does this rule apply even after your application has been processed? Till when should you submit updates about changes relevant to your application? 

Such questions rarely have clear-cut answers and often necessitate proper and careful interpretation of various rules and regulations. Obviously, this is a task best left in the hands of a professional. 

Timely Completion of Formalities

An employer with a foreign worker on the payroll is required to undertake various immigration-related compliances and submissions. A crisis like the Corona pandemic may result in extension of deadlines and relaxation of rules, but it’s important to know exactly what has changed for your business. 

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An immigration professional will have thorough understanding of the various options at your disposal and can help you take advantage of relaxations and yet complete formalities on time, if possible, to keep your immigration track record free of violations and complications.  

Clarity on the Way Ahead 

To plan for the future is to be prepared for the future. An immigration professional will help you plan and prepare for numerous what-if scenarios so that you have a clear idea of how things will pan out after the crisis blows over.

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