Prince Edward Island Invited 78 Candidates

Prince Edward Island Invited 78 Candidates in the Latest PNP Draw

On February 1, 2024, Prince Edward Island conducted its latest draw, specifically targeting candidates under the Labour & Express Entry stream. This draw, the second of the year, invited 78 candidates.

Recap of Previous Draw

In the previous draw on January 18, 2024, the PEI PNP extended invitations to candidates from the Labour & Express Entry and Business Work Permit Entrepreneur streams. However, the latest draw exclusively invited candidates from the Labour & Express Entry stream, with no Business Work Permit Entrepreneur invitations issued.

Invited Occupations

The 78 invitations in the latest draw were extended to individuals working in various sectors crucial to Prince Edward Island’s economic landscape. These sectors include Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Agriculture, and Early Childhood Education.

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Yearly Trends

Over the past 12 months, the PEI PNP has demonstrated a consistent focus on the Labour & Express Entry stream. Out of 2,185 invitations issued during this period, 97% were directed toward Labour & Express Entry candidates. In contrast, Business Work Permit Entrepreneur candidates received 53 invitations, constituting 3% of the total invitations during the same timeframe.

Selection Criteria

The PEI PNP’s Expression of Interest (EOI) system plays a pivotal role in selecting candidates based on crucial attributes. The key factors considered are language proficiency in English or French, education level and field, skill and work experience, and strategic priorities that address immediate labor market needs. Additional factors, such as having a job offer in PEI and/or previous Canadian work experience, also contribute to the candidate’s overall suitability.

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PEI PNP Draw Schedule for 2024

One distinctive feature of the PEI PNP is its transparent and pre-announced draw schedule for the year. In 2024, the province anticipates a total of 23 draws under various categories, including Express & Labour Impact draws, Business Impact Category draws, and Workforce draws. This proactive approach allows potential immigrants to anticipate the frequency of draws and plan their applications accordingly.

Annual Allocation and Previous Year’s Performance

The PEI PNP operates within an annual allocation provided by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) through the Provincial Nominee Program and Express Entry. The allocation determines the number of invitations the province can extend each year. In 2023, PEI issued invitations to a total of 2,422 candidates across 22 draws, reflecting the program’s consistency and commitment to facilitating immigration.

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