Latest Ontario PNP Draw

Ontario Issued 1,481 Invitations in the Latest PNP Draw

The most recent Ontario PNP draw transpired on January 24, 2024. Focused on Masters and PhD Graduate streams, a total of 1,481 ITAs were issued. There were 1,344 candidates invited to a Masters Graduate stream draw, requiring a score of 50 or higher. PhD Graduate draw results showed that the minimum score was 45 and 125 invitations were issued.

Evolution of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Launched in 2007, the OINP was designed to address labor market shortages across diverse industries in Ontario. The province, with a strong demand for skilled professionals, opened its doors to immigrants through various streams under the OINP, fostering economic growth and sustainability.

Ontario: A Magnet for Permanent Residency

In 2021, Ontario, and particularly its major cities, Toronto and Ottawa, emerged as the preferred choice for over half of all new Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) holders. This trend underscores the province’s appeal and attractiveness among immigrants seeking a permanent home in Canada.

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Pathways to Ontario: Options Under OINP

For those aspiring to immigrate to Ontario, the OINP provides three distinct pathways:

  • Human Capital Program Ontario
  • Employer Job Offer Program Ontario
  • Business Immigration Program Ontario

These pathways encompass both base and enhanced streams. Enhanced streams align with the Express Entry system, a federal immigration program managing key economic immigration intakes in Canada.

Express Entry Alignment and Points Calculation

Candidates aiming for provincial nomination under OINP’s enhanced streams are required to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). The Ontario PNP points calculator, coupled with EOI details, determines the score. Notably, those nominated under this stream receive an additional 600 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), virtually ensuring an Invitation to Apply for Canada PR.

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Base Streams and Direct Application

In contrast, base streams are not aligned with Express Entry. Candidates seeking immigration under these streams must directly apply to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Bi-Monthly Draws and ITA Issuance

Eligible candidates, based on the OINP criteria, are issued ITAs through bi-monthly draws. The draws aim to identify potential candidates who can contribute to the province’s economic development.

Predicting the Next Ontario PNP Draw

While Ontario PNP draws typically occur bi-monthly, the specific dates are not disclosed beforehand. The unpredictability adds an element of anticipation, keeping candidates on their toes as they await the announcement of the next draw.

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Navigating the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program requires a strategic approach, understanding the diverse streams, and staying attuned to the evolving landscape. As candidates prepare for the next draw, the OINP remains a pivotal pathway for those aspiring to make Ontario their permanent home in Canada.

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