Ontario Extended 2,650 PR

Ontario Extended 2,650 PR Invitations: A Gateway to Permanent Residency

On March 12, 2024, the Government of Ontario took a significant step in its immigration efforts by issuing invitations to candidates through four draws under the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP). Let’s delve into the details of these draws and what they mean for prospective immigrants seeking permanent residency in Ontario.

Introduction to OINP Draws

The recent draws under the OINP showcased Ontario’s commitment to attracting talent across various sectors. 2,650 invitations were extended to eligible candidates, highlighting the province’s proactive approach to immigration.

International Student Stream Draws

Under the Employer Job Offer: International Student Stream, three invitation rounds were conducted, emphasizing Ontario’s focus on retaining international students. In the first draw, 1,306 invitations were issued to eligible candidates with a score of 72 or higher in the OINP Expression of Interest (EOI) system. This underscores the province’s recognition of the valuable contribution of international students to its economy and diversity.

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Targeted Draws for Skilled Trades, Healthcare, and Tech

Furthermore, targeted draws were conducted for specific occupations to address labor market needs effectively. A draw for 63 skilled trade occupations resulted in 649 invitations sent to profiles scoring 66 and above, highlighting Ontario’s commitment to workforce development in these essential sectors. Additionally, a specialized draw for 41 healthcare and 15 tech occupations saw 684 invitations extended to profiles with a score of 72 or higher, reflecting the province’s efforts to meet specific labor market demands.

Foreign Worker Stream Draw

In addition to draws under the International Student Stream, a targeted draw was conducted for the federal Economic Mobility Pathways Project under the OINP’s Foreign Worker stream, inviting 11 candidates. This initiative demonstrates Ontario’s dedication to facilitating pathways for skilled foreign workers to contribute to its economy and society.

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Significance of OINP Invitations

The issuance of 2,650 invitations under the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program marks a significant milestone in the province’s efforts to attract and retain skilled immigrants. These draws reflect Ontario’s strategic approach to address labor market demands and foster economic growth through immigration. As Ontario continues prioritizing skilled immigration, opportunities abound for individuals seeking to build their futures in one of Canada’s most dynamic and diverse provinces.

The recent OINP draws underscore Ontario’s commitment to diversity, economic growth, and talent retention, making it an attractive destination for immigrants looking to establish themselves in Canada.

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