Nova Scotia's $3 Million Investment

Nova Scotia’s $3 Million Investment: Boosting Settlement Supports for Immigrants

Nova Scotia is making a significant investment of $3 million in settlement funds to enhance support for immigrants. This initiative aims to bolster English language training, provide assistance to healthcare workers and the francophone population, and implement community initiatives tailored to improve newcomer retention across different regions.

Enhancing Opportunities and Retention Strategies

Expressing her satisfaction with the influx of skilled professionals to Nova Scotia, Provincial Immigration Minister Jill Balser stated, “We’re very pleased to have attracted so many skilled professionals to Nova Scotia last year in fields where we need them most. I am thankful they chose Nova Scotia as their new home and that Nova Scotians across the province continue to welcome and help them settle into their new lives and communities.”

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In response to the increasing demand for healthcare professionals, Vanessa White, a vice president at healthcare services provider Shannex International, emphasized the significance of international recruitment and immigration. She stated, “The need for talented healthcare providers, nurses, continuing care assistants, and more, has never been greater. International recruitment and immigration is one of the ways we can meet our community’s need for care and services with talented, compassionate, and diverse teams that create more inclusive workplaces.”

The Impact on Healthcare and Construction Sectors

Last year, Nova Scotia witnessed a notable surge of 88.9% in healthcare workers and 85.8% in construction professionals approved through immigration programs. Specifically, Nova Scotia welcomed 763 healthcare workers and 244 construction workers in 2023.

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To further support the construction industry, Nova Scotia introduced the Critical Construction Worker Pilot last year, targeting 21 occupations within the sector. These occupations include construction managers, electricians, carpenters, crane operators, and more.

This new pathway to permanent residence in Nova Scotia is accessible to individuals who meet specific criteria, including having a full-time permanent job offer from a Nova Scotia employer in one of the eligible occupations, possessing relevant work experience, holding a high school diploma or industry-specific training, meeting language proficiency requirements, and demonstrating sufficient financial resources for settlement.

Nova Scotia’s commitment to welcoming newcomers is evident as the province welcomed 11,800 new residents last year, including immigrants arriving through various immigration programs and net migration from other regions in Canada. With a population surpassing 1 million, Nova Scotia remains an attractive destination for individuals seeking opportunities and a vibrant community for settlement.

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