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No Better Time to Negotiate a High-Wage Job in Canada—Are you Prepared?

The terrifying situation for employees staring at millions of job losses at the peak of the pandemic has been completely reversed. Today, employers are staring at a huge shortage of talent even as demand has spiked as the world reopens after the pandemic. As a skilled worker looking for a job in Canada, how can you take advantage of this situation to boost your career?

Understanding Canada’s Jobs and Hiring Market

It is a wrong notion that the spike in demand for skilled workers is temporary and that the situation will return to normal automatically. The last pandemic that the world saw in the 1920s too contributed to significant changes to the global labor market.

So, don’t undersell yourself and accept a very low salary despite having in-demand skills just because you did not read the situation correctly.

Surveys have shown that around 25 percent of Canadian workers are planning to move to a new job position in the first half of 2022. Further, around 60 percent of these workers are seeking an increase in salary along with the move.

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While headlines may focus on increased hiring activity, the truth is that growth in hiring rate in North America is significantly lower than other parts of the world. Compared to the 156 percent growth in hiring rate in Latin America, the rate in North America is just 81 percent.

Further, the view that most vacancies are in low-paying temp jobs too is not fully correct. Four out of ten Canada startup employers have reported losing skilled talent to other employers in a survey covering 4200 employers and employees. The primary reason for the loss of talent—switch to a higher-paying job.

How Can you Find a High-Paying Job in Canada?

While a lot depends on your qualifications and work experience and other subjective factors, there are some points that you can consider when searching for a high-paying job in Canada.

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Track the Data

Track data from studies and surveys released by hiring companies and recruiting agencies. 2021 saw around 38 percent jump for skilled workers in sales, marketing, and product related jobs.

Further, a survey of 42 companies launched by a Toronto-based incubator indicated that compensation expectations were the primary reason behind failure of hiring processes for close to 60 percent of the companies.

Combine the median wage data for positions available as public data with the median wages specified for different positions on government websites, you can easily arrive at a base wage figure based on the educational and work experience requirements for a specific position.

Once you have this figure in hand, you can assess your strengths and weaknesses and assess how you can justify your claim for a higher salary.

If you have a Post-Graduation Work Permit, then that represents an automatic financial and time saving for the employer who does not have to undergo the process of getting a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment.

Leveraging such factors can be more effective than simply negotiating out of hope and waiting for the employer to agree to your demand for higher wages.

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Work with Professionals   

Many workers make the mistake of thinking that immigration consulting services are required only when applying for permanent residence in Canada. If you are a skilled worker, then you will have to qualify and apply for a work permit in Canada.

If you are not covered under the International Mobility Program, then you will have to necessarily apply under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Of course, you may be eligible for two-week processing under the Global Talent Stream, but only a professional can clarify the differences between the two options.

Work permit formalities apart, an immigration attorney with experience of guiding and helping scores of skilled workers seeking work permits across Canada can help you with your job-search process too.

If you are serious about working and settling in Canada, then you need to adopt a holistic approach towards the entire process beginning with the job search and ending with your transition to permanent residence.

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