New Brunswick's Construction Sector

Bridging Labor Gaps in New Brunswick’s Construction Sector

The Canadian province of New Brunswick is striving to address persistent labor shortages in the construction sector. Both provincial and federal governments have joined hands with the Construction Association of New Brunswick (CANB) to overcome the situation. They have exclusively formed a dedicated establishment, the Labour Force Adjustment Committee to strategically leverage immigration to counter the scarcity of skilled workers, especially in the residential construction domain.

Current Labor Dynamics

In New Brunswick’s construction sector, a concerning 4.2% vacancy rate across various positions is evident. Labor force projections highlight an anticipated 8,400 retirements and the emergence of thousands of new job opportunities in the industry by 2032.

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Financial Commitments for Solutions

Recognizing the urgency, the provincial government has committed $250,000 to the Labour Force Adjustment Committee project. The federal government is contributing $190,612, solidifying the collaborative effort to address labor shortages in the construction sector.

Defining the Committee’s Mandate

Empowered by financial backing, the CANB is establishing a robust Labor Force Adjustment Committee. This committee includes representatives from both federal and provincial governments, along with industry stakeholders. The committee is exclusively working towards increasing immigration in the construction sector intricacies, whilst focusing on short-term and long-term strategies to alleviate persistent labor shortages.

A Targeted 100-Day Challenge

The committee plans a 100-day challenge to address critical issues hindering the construction workforce, including credential recognition, recruitment strategies, and workplace readiness. By tackling these aspects, the committee aims to lay the groundwork for a more proficient, skilled, and sustainable labor force.

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Government’s Broader Vision

Beyond New Brunswick’s challenges, this initiative aligns with the Government of Canada’s broader vision. Supporting Atlantic Canada aims to mitigate labor shortages, fortify local communities, create economic growth, and lay the foundation for a robust and sustainable future.

Collaborative ResponseThe synchronized efforts of provincial and federal governments, coupled with CANB’s proactive stance, underscore a collective response to New Brunswick’s construction sector labor shortages.

The Labour Force Adjustment Committee, fueled by substantial financial support, represents a pivotal step towards effective solutions. As the committee embarks on its 100-day challenge, the targeted approach promises to fortify the construction workforce, fostering resilience and growth in the province.

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