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Canada is widely sought-after by international immigrants for not only its well-governed colleges but also for its wonderful standard of living. To provide its residents and immigrants with the best living standards, Canada offers free healthcare covering the most important medical care including doctor consultations and surgeries. Other great aspects of Canadian healthcare include:

  • Access to healthcare for everyone​​
  • Education and preventive programs to reduce costs
  • No complicated bills
  • Special Care for Special Needs

Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial governments work separately to manage healthcare in the Country.

Federal Government:

As per the Canada Health Act, it provides funds to the provinces and territories to deliver healthcare services to their residents, refugees, federal inmates, the army (veterans and current).

The Provincial and Territorial Governments:

While these authorities receive funds from the federal government to deliver most of the health care facilities, however, there are certain medical care services that are under the purview of the province to cover in their medical care or not, such as dental work and others.

Most provincial and territorial laws ensure that private insurers do not offer duplicate publicly funded plans coverage. However, they can contest in the supplementary coverage market.

Furthermore, each province/territory has its own rules in regards to coverage of international students and temporary workers. For instance, some provinces provide access to provincial health insurance coverage to new permanent residents on their arrival, while others have a waiting period of up to 3 months. During this time, private health insurance can cover health needs.

 Newcomers who are eligible for public coverage can also purchase private health insurance for services not covered by provincial coverage for healthcare in Canada.

To fulfill the medical requirement of a temporary resident and permanent resident, the country provides provincial/territorial health insurance/cards as per their eligibility check.

To determine if you are eligible for a health card under each province and territory’s rules, and to receive one, connect with experts at ImmigCanada now. With their industry knowledge and experience, they can suggest you the most suitable insurance as per your need and help you gain the province offered health card, if available.