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First Week In Canada

Arriving in a new country is certainly an overwhelming experience, which also makes one feel a little lost, especially in the first week. This is the time when an immigrant has to complete paperwork, apply for insurance, find a stay, and accomplish varied tasks. To help new immigrants skip the baffled state, here is the guide/list of the tasks they need to accomplish in their first week in Canada.

Get Your SIN (Social Insurance Number): It is a nine-digit number that is required to work in Canada. It is essentially a social security number that is applied for at any Service Canada Office. While applying for the SIN, must carry your study or work permit along.

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Set Up a Bank Account:  To save potential high charges on withdrawal from the home bank account, it is recommended to set up one bank account in Canada to smoothly manage bills. Research a little as many banks offer great services for students in Canada.

Get a Local Cell Phone Plan: Research and compare different local phone plans to select one that suits your needs. Getting the local phone as soon as possible will save a lot of roaming charges. Buy a plan as per your visa terms, such as if one is on 2 years’ visa, then signing a two-year contract is suitable.  Additionally, Caller ID and receiving local calls are chargeable in Canada, thus, researching the plans before buying is highly recommended.

Begin Apartment Search: Begin apartment search by gaining information on different neighborhoods in your area. For the new immigrant with no Canadian credit history and local references, it is recommended to get a recommendation letter from your previous landlord as some of the Canadian landlords require that. Further, using online sources for finding the latest rental listing can be helpful in finding suitable accommodation.

Health Insurance: Though every province/territory manages its own healthcare system and provides its residents with health insurance. However, some provinces take 3-month time for approving the insurance. Thus, it is recommended to buy a suitable insurance plan for that duration.

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