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Canada Pre-Arrival To-Do List

Moving to a new country is definitely enthralling. Furthermore, when you are juggling between packing, work, and other activities, it is only natural to get hectic and feel overwhelmed with the whole process. Thus, to take the last-minute preparation pressure off of you, here is the Canada Pre-Arrival to-do list, which includes document preparation, stuff to prepare, and other related tasks.

Travel Documents:

  • Ensure that your passport is up to date.
  • Pack your immigration/tourist visa or study/work permit and confirmation of Permanent Residency.

Insurance Documents:

  • Gather your insurance documents if you have International Experience Canada (IEC) Work Permit or moving to a province that takes three months to grant insurance.

Bank Documents:

  • Collate your bank statements as they may be asked as your proof of fund at immigration at the airport.


  • Research to arrange accommodation for the first few days of your stay, in case you don’t have family or friends living in Canada. Make these arrangements as soon as possible as later it may cost you higher.
  • If possible, collect a letter of recommendation from your previous landlords as it is common for Canadian landlords to ask for it.


  • Ask for a written reference letter from your previous employers as it aids in securing a job.
  • Prepare your resume as per Canadian standards.

Driver’s License:

  • Bring along your driver’s license if you have one.
  • Apply for an International Driver’s Permit in your country as this can buy you additional months of driving as per the provincial regulations.


  • If your phone cannot be used outside the country, then terminate your contract with your home country carrier. To prevent useless charges, check the notice period mentioned in the contract.
  • You may have to unblock your current phone to make it work in Canada if it is blocked.


  • Carry your medicine along if these can only be purchased with a prescription to save a lot of money.

Other Useful Items:

  • Ensure to pack chargers/adaptors/power banks for all the gadgets that you are carrying along.
  • Must carry some Canadian currency as ATMs may charge extra money for an international withdrawal.

After reading the list, if you still have lingering questions in mind or require consultation for paperwork and related queries, connect with our immigration consultants now at ImmigCanada.