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The first and foremost important task for a newcomer in Canada is to find suitable accommodation. One can first find a temporary stay while searching for a house for rent.

Temporary Accommodation In Canada

It is recommended to line up the stay for the first few days or weeks before arriving in Canada. Some plentiful hotels and hostels can be booked in advance. For an economical budget, hostels are a more suitable option with an extensive collection to select from. In addition to this, booking self-catering accommodation for initial weeks or months is beneficial too. This can be done through temporary apartment rental companies such as Airbnb that offer wonderful temporary accommodation.

Houses And Apartments For Rent in Canada

In Canada, one can find a variety of rental accommodations such as houses, condominiums, and apartments. Houses in Canada can be available for rent in their entirety or divided sections, or with shared living and bathroom facilities. Option for bachelor units is also available, where a single room has a bedroom with a living area. The cost of water & electricity may or may not be included in the rent.

Apartments and houses for rent can be searched using local newspapers’ classified sections, libraries, and websites such as Craigslist, and Facebook groups, amongst other options.  Landlords also put up rental signs in front of their houses, thus walking around in the locality can also prove to be helpful.

Getting a Lease in Canada

For longer-term accommodation in Canada, the landlord may require some documents to know your ability to pay before offering a lease. The documents required may be:

  • Letter from employer to determine tenant’s annual income.
  • Bank statement as proof of one’s savings.
  • Reference from last landlords.

A lease in Canada is signed for a fixed term, often a year. After the fixed term elapses, the lease can be renewed.

Important Points To Consider

  • Rentals in Canada begin on the 1st of every month, thus one must plan a trip accordingly to have better options to select from.
  • Most of the houses/apartments may require half a month’s rent as a security deposit.
  • Become familiar with tenancy law to know your rights as a tenant.
  • Rent may vary from location to location and as per the selected house

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