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Job Vacancies in the Pandemic—3 Sectors Where the Pandemic has Created New Job Opportunities in Canada

A global health crisis invariably leads to a host of economic problems ranging from demand-supply disruptions, job losses, surge in unemployment, increase in public debt, and economic downturns across the world.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic is different because mankind, probably for the first time ever, has some tools and solutions that have helped economic activities continue even at the peak of the disruptions.

This means the pandemic has actually contributed to a surge in demand for skilled workers in some new-age as well as conventional sectors of the economy. Read ahead for a look at three sectors and related NOC codes that have seen a spurt in job positions despite, or even because of, the pandemic.

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The Digital Universe

Employees unable to work from offices? The digital universe made remote working possible. Shoppers unable to visit shops and outlets to buy things? The digital universe facilitate online shopping to keep the economy running.

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Eating out became impossible. Digital tech solutions make large-scale home deliveries possible and ensured restaurants and diners did not shut down completely.

And these are just some Business-to-consumer or C2C examples. There are many more instances where digital or technological solutions facilitated B2B transactions and helped minimize the economic and social impact of the pandemic.

Not surprisingly, in-demand NOC codes in Ontario and other Canadian provinces include multiple digital universe positions and occupations.

NOC 0124—Advertising, marketing, and public relations manager are in high demand primarily because businesses are relying on online marketing and advertising to keep business ticking even during the pandemic.

The digital advertising ecosystem requires the services of different types of professionals and experts. From content creators to create text, audio, and video adverts to big-data analysts to help business finetune their promotional strategies—workers in digital and tech occupations related to marketing, selling, and advertising are in high demand across Canada.


Canada sustained efforts to create a vibrant technology hub in the Greater Toronto Area has paid off. Today, the GTA ranks as one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in North America including Silicon Valley.

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This means there has been steady demand for positions like Computer and Information Systems Manager, Information Systems Analysts and consultants, Database Analysts and Data Administrators, Programmers and Interactive Media developers, and Web Designers and Developers in Ontario and other provinces.

The pandemic has made technology a must-have for all businesses—small or big. No longer can a business or enterprise rely on physical shopping and hyperlocal services to keep revenues ticking.

And there’s more to technology than just setting up an e-commerce website or a few social media pages. This has led to spike in demand for workers qualifying under NOC 0213, 2172, 2174, and 2175.


Canada was already staring at a shortage of nurses even before the pandemic began. Now, demand for healthcare professionals has spiked and this surge is unlikely to subside even after the pandemic is brought under control.

Canada has a higher proportion of senior citizens as compared to young working-age individuals, which means there is significant demand for healthcare and medical professionals across the country.

This is probably why more than one Canadian province has a PNP stream setup exclusive for physicians and other healthcare professionals. The pandemic has only expanded the type of medical professionals required across the country.

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Today, Canada needs, along with physicians and nurses, immunologists, virologists, bio-information workers pharmacologists, as well as medical laboratory technologists.

The urgency of Canada’s need can be gauged from the fact that two out of the six new PR streams that Canada launched in June 2021 were setup exclusive for English-speaking and French-speaking health care workers.

If you qualify for any healthcare NOC codes like 3211 and 2121, then you must seriously assess your Canada immigration prospects. Chances are high that your profile will be lapped up by employers across multiple provinces without any delays.

The NOC codes focus on conventional job positions. The pandemic has created a fantastic opportunity for unconventional and disruptive innovations ranging from virtual reality office meetings to portable sanitizers and self-cleaning clothes.

If you think your profile fits what Canada needs, then assess your eligibility and setup a consultation with an experienced immigration professional today.

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