Immigration Programs and Streams for 4 Occupations that may Boom in Post-Pandemic Canada

Immigration Programs and Streams for 4 Occupations that may Boom in Post-Pandemic Canada

A vaccine may bring the virus under control. Or, it may mutate into something more benign. Or, we may simply learn to live with it. How our world will overcome the virus may not be certain yet.

However, two things will happen for sure. One, we will recover from this pandemic. And two, the post-pandemic world will be a lot different compared the world that existed before. Let us look at four sectors of the Canadian economy that are ripe for major disruptions in the years ahead.


Technology has been mankind’s biggest weapon against this pandemic. From breaking down the virus to find a vaccine to enabling work-from-home to keep the economy running, technology has been key in the battle against the virus.

Going ahead, technology is going to become better, smarter, more intuitive and a lot more widespread compared to the past. Obviously, this represents a huge opportunity for tech professionals across the world.

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Innovation is key, which means a tech hub like Canada is the obvious destination for tech companies and skilled workers alike. The Global Talent Stream of Canada’s TFWP allows employers to hire and bring foreign tech workers into Canada within just two weeks.

Permanent residence options include Express Entry, provincial programs like BC Tech Pilot and Ontario’s In-demand Skills stream covers multiple tech occupations.

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Quality healthcare—public as well as private—is key for any nation to safeguard its precious human resources. Healthcare may well be a boom sector in Canada in the years ahead.

Canada’s high proportion of aging population will make it essential for service providers to combine new technologies with qualified professionals as quickly as possible.

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Apart from standard options like the FSWP and CEC, healthcare professionals can explore healthcare-specific PNP streams like Saskatchewan Experience Category’s health professionals stream, Nova Scotia’s Labour Market Priority stream for physicians or BC Skills Immigration stream for healthcare professionals.

Further, healthcare-related occupations may be included in the list of in-demand occupations of the provinces. This means PNPs may be a viable option for healthcare professionals even if the province does not have a specific stream for healthcare workers.

Hospitality and Tourism

Unless mankind unanimously decides to stop wining and dining or taking vacations, the battered hospitality and tourism sector will see a strong revival in the post-pandemic world.

Technology will be a key enabler to help people enjoy a safe and fun travel or hotel experience. This combination means there’s ample scope for innovators, industry professionals, and entrepreneurs to explore opportunities in this sector.

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Saskatchewan Experience Category’s Hospitality sector project is one stream that skilled workers can explore while entrepreneurs can consider the Startup visa to qualify for PR in Canada.  

Transport and Logistics

Will a shift to self-driven trucks secure the transport and logistics sector from pandemic-related disruptions forever in the future? Or, will there be focus on creating a safe and sterile environment within transport vehicles to keep supply chains running?

Supply of essential commodities including medical supplies has played an important role in helping the masses maintain social distancing and avoid surge in virus cases.

In the short run, there may be more demand for options like the Saskatchewan Experience Category’s Long-haul truck drivers stream. Over the long run, there is ample scope for a drastic and disruptive overhaul of the sector.

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