Invitations for Provincial Nomination Programs

Five Canadian Provinces Released Invitations for Provincial Nomination Programs

Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Alberta issued PNP invitations. Most of the provinces and territories invite applicants through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs). These programs permit provincial governments to shortlist economic immigration applicants who wish to immigrate to any province and contribute to the labour force.

All the provinces are allotted a particular number of invitations that they can utilize to target newcomers. According to Immigration Levels Plan 2023, the target is to admit over 105,000 new permanent residents to Canada through the PNP.

Canadian provinces Quebec do not use the PNP. The province follows a unique agreement with the federal government that permits it to shortlist all economic immigrants who are willing to settle in the province.

Provincial Immigration Program (PNP) Draw Results April 1-7


Ontario has recently issued 883 applicants invitations through the Master’s Graduate stream and Ph.D. candidate stream of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). Both the draws were conducted on April 4. 772 applicants were invited through the Master’s Graduate Stream with a minimum cut-off score of 52 and above. On the other hand, 131 Ph.D graduate stream applicants are invited with a minimum score of 48. It was the first draw of the year 2023 for Ph.D. candidates.

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Recently, Ontario made an announcement that they are planning to invest an additional $25 million over the period of three years in a quest to double the number of skilled immigrants. The province also planned to pace up the investment process, and enhance security, and other IT updates.

British Columbia

On April 4, British Columbia issued 175 applicants invitations through BC PNP. Out of these, 175 were invited in a general draw in which no specific occupation was targeted. They were applicants in the skilled worker streams with a minimum SIRS score of 103, International Graduates with minimum SIRS scores of 103, and Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled applicants with a minimum SIRS score of 85.

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BC conducted two targeted draws for the following occupations:

  • 17 Early Childhood educators and assistants (NOC 42202) with a minimum score of 60 points
  • 6 healthcare workers from the Skilled Worker, International Graduate, including Express Entry category with a minimum score of 60 points.

Quebec conducted a draw on March 30 wherein invited 619 applicants through the Quebec Regular Skilled Workers Program. The invitations were issued to applicants who meet the criteria of specific TEER NOC codes across various in-demand sectors in the province. Also, the applicants require a valid job offer in the territory of the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal with a minimum score of 578.

New Brunswick

On April 4, the Canadian province of New Brunswick posted PNP draw results where they invited 186 applicants out of which 70 were invited through the NB Employment Connection, 42 through the NB Student Connection, and 74 through the NB Occupations-In-Demand Connection.

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Recently, the province announced a 67% rise in its PNP allocation for 2023. This follows a meeting of the Forum of Ministers responsible

After a meeting of the Forum of Ministers Responsible for Immigration (FMRI), the immigration ministers have approved a multi-year Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) proposed by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Previously, provinces were only granted their allocations on an annual basis.


Alberta recently issued 150 candidates through the Express Entry Stream of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP). Applicants are required a family connection and to hold a primary occupation-in-demand, in addition to fulfilling the minimum CRS cut-off score of 372.

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