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Future After Covid-19—Start a New Life by Immigrating to Canada

The past two decades have witnessed economic recessions, natural calamities, and social unrest across the world. Yet, the Covid-19 pandemic is unique because it has effectively transformed our world and permanently changed the way we will live, work, do business, and travel in the future. Canada Immigration during Covid 19 has changed what the future holds.

With the war on Corona yet to be won, it may be too early to assess the severity of its aftermath. Yet, it can be safely said that there will be no returning to the way things were in the past. This mean you need to prepare for an uncertain future, one with numerous uncertainties but also with fantastic opportunities.

Look beyond your Boundaries

Quick action combined with strict enforcement of lockdowns may have developing countries control the death toll. Yet, there’s no doubt that developed countries like the US and Canada will see faster economic recovery.  

This means you need to expand your horizon and look beyond your national boundary when planning for life post Covid-19 pandemic. Keep these points in mind when exploring your immigration options to get your career prospects back on track.

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A Hefty Economic Package

Focus on countries that have deployed massive economic packages to minimize the financial impact of the pandemic. The US, Canada, the UK, and other developed countries have resorted to massive cash transfer programs and credit guarantee schemes to keep the economy alive during the lockdown.

On the other hand, emerging economies like India or Brazil have struggled to prevent massive job losses and business shutdowns. Hence, it makes sense to look to economies that have escaped the pandemic with minimal damage.

Immigration-Friendly Policies

What’s the point of planning a future in a country that does not want skilled workers just because they are foreigners? Instead, it makes sense to explore options in countries like Canada with immigrant-friendly programs and policies.

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Key aspects to look for include transparent immigration policies, stable programs with no drastic rule changes, predictable government action, and rhetoric-free approach towards immigration.

Canada has emerged as the preferred alternative to the US primarily because it is committed to attracting skilled workers and professionals even as it maintains a strict yet benevolent approach towards asylum seekers and other classes of immigrants.

Versatile Canada Immigration Programs during COVID

Mere good intentions and favorable policies won’t help unless the country backs it up with versatile immigration programs. Canada has three federal immigration programs for skilled workers, skilled tradespersons, and those with Canadian work experience.

Further, each province can nominate skilled workers through its numerous immigration streams. These include streams linked to the federal Express Entry system, in-demand occupations within the province, international graduates, and even applicants proficient in French.

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Canada also has a federal startup program combined with entrepreneur and business immigration programs at provincial levels. Finally, there are multiple Pilot programs like the BC Tech pilot, the Atlantic pilot program for skilled workers, and the recently-introduced program for rural workers.

If a direct permanent residence application is not feasible, then you can explore work permits in Canada. The Global Talent Stream for tech workers offers approval within just ten days.

Other skilled workers can apply under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program or the International Mobility Program and chart a path to permanent residence after gaining work experience in the country.  

Hidden inside every crisis is an opportunity, and your decision to explore opportunities in developed countries like Canada may be the best way to convert the Covid-19 crisis into an life-transforming advantage.

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