Two million jobs lost in April 2020—such headlines can easily compel you to question your plan
of getting a job in Canada and qualifying for permanent residence through Express Entry or
provincial nomination.
Yet, looking beyond scary headlines can help you realize that this crisis may actually be a great
hidden opportunity to settle in Canada.
For starters, economists expected the job loss figure for April 2020 to cross four million, which
means the situation is not as bad as feared. Further, almost all of the newly unemployed
Canadians were on a temporary layoff, which means they are likely to get back to work once the
economic shutdown is lifted.
This means now is definitely not the time to rethink your Canada immigration plans. Instead, it’s
time to identify pandemic-proof occupations to fast track your Canada immigration plans
Choose your Occupation Smartly
Data indicates that the service sector, especially retail and hospitality, have been hit the hardest
followed by manufacturing and construction.
Public administration and professional, scientific, and technical services enjoy the distinction of
being highest-paying sectors with the least layoffs.
Since countries have chosen to sacrifice economic activity to save lives, it’s obvious that things
will rebound very quickly once the pandemic subsides. This means there are two aspects you can
focus on—sectors least impacted by the pandemic and occupations likely to recover the fastest
once the shutdown ends.
Least-Impacted Occupations
As the data clearly shows, occupations where one can work from home have witnessed least
layoffs. Of course, working from home in Canada is not the same as working remotely from
halfway across the world.
So, such technical and professional services are likely to witness good demand for skilled
workers from foreign countries. If you work in such fields, then knowing which job
responsibilities and duties to highlight and targeting medium and large employers in Canada can
easily lead to a job offer.
Of course, this task will only become easier if you have an immigration professional to guide
you through the process.

Fast-Recovering Sectors
You can target occupations that are likely to witness fastest job growth once the economy
revives, but make sure you take the economic and social impact of the pandemic into
People are unlikely to take vacations or gather in hotels and bars the moment the pandemic
subsides. Such sectors may take a long time to recover, while more essential occupations related
to manufacturing and construction may get back on track faster.
If you specialize in such occupations, then focus on non-work-from-home essential services
where there would be heavy demand for skilled talent from within and outside Canada.
Cater to the Post-Pandemic World
Finally, workers specializing in occupations related to health and medicine, caregiving, and
labour-intensive sectors like transportation and agriculture will be in demand as the world equips
itself to deal with and even live with disruptions caused by pandemic and other unpredictable
Also, keep in mind that some provinces have been impacted more by the shutdown. Quebec’s
unemployment figures are significantly higher, which means the right person with the right skills
may be quickly accepted once the economic recovery gains steam.


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