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British Columbia Latest Draw Invites Over 66 Candidates – A Closer Look at the Latest Developments

In an exciting update for aspiring immigrants, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) conducted a draw on May 28, 2024, inviting over 66 candidates to apply for permanent residency. This latest draw reflects British Columbia’s ongoing efforts to attract skilled workers and professionals to bolster its diverse economy.

Latest BC PNP Draw with General and Targeted Invitations

The BC PNP’s latest draw on May 28 was a combination of general and targeted invitations. In the general draw, 35 invitations were issued under the BC PNP Skilled Worker and International Graduate streams, including their Express Entry BC (EEBC) options. Notably, the cutoff score for these categories remained stable, but there was a slight increase of 3 points for the Express Entry & Semi-Skilled streams compared to the previous draw on May 14.

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Additionally, targeted invitations were sent to specific occupational groups. Eleven invitations were extended to early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 42202), a critical occupation in British Columbia’s labor market. Another 11 invitations were issued to candidates with experience in 25 construction-related occupations. Furthermore, nine healthcare professionals across 39 different occupations received invitations, highlighting the province’s need for skilled workers in essential services.

Here is a detailed overview of the invitations issued in the latest draw:

Draw TypeStreamMinimum ScoreNumber of Invitations
GeneralSkilled Worker (EEBC option)13135
International Graduate (EEBC option)131
Express Entry & Semi-Skilled110
ChildcareEarly childhood educators and assistants (NOC 42202)9311
Construction25 targeted occupations9311
Healthcare39 targeted occupations1009
Veterinary CareVarious related occupations80<5

Upcoming BC PNP Draws

The next BC PNP draw is anticipated around June 4-5, 2024. These draws are expected to focus on early childhood educators, tech occupations, construction occupations, and healthcare occupations. BC PNP has established a consistent schedule, typically holding draws every Tuesday or Wednesday. These draws alternate between general invitations and targeted invitations, ensuring a balanced intake of skilled workers across various sectors.

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The Growing Opportunities with British Columbia PNP

The British Columbia PNP continues to play a pivotal role in attracting talented professionals to the province. The latest British Columbia PNP draw on May 28, which invited over 66 candidates, underscores BC’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and skilled workforce. For aspiring immigrants, the BC PNP offers a promising pathway to permanent residency, enabling them to contribute to and thrive in one of Canada’s most vibrant provinces.

Whether you’re a skilled worker, an international graduate, or a professional in a targeted occupation, the BC PNP provides numerous opportunities to start a new chapter in British Columbia. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare for the next round of invitations. The journey to making British Columbia your new home could begin with the next BC PNP draw!

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