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Alberta Announces Nomination Certificate Limits and Invites Healthcare Workers

On May 22, 2024, Alberta announced significant updates regarding its Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) nomination certificate limits for 2024. This update includes crucial details about the province’s plans to manage its immigration streams effectively and attract skilled workers, particularly in the healthcare sector. This announcement is a part of Alberta’s ongoing efforts to align its immigration strategies with economic needs and labor market demands.

Nomination Certificate Limits for 2024

Maintaining Stability

In 2023, Alberta issued 10,029 nomination certificates through the AAIP, including 279 under a federal buffer for Express Entry. For 2024, the AAIP has been allocated 9,750 nominations, maintaining the same level as the previous year. This stability allows Alberta to continue its strategic approach to immigration, ensuring that it meets the province’s economic and labor market needs.

Allocation by Stream

The allocation of nomination certificates is divided between Express Entry and non-Express Entry pathways. While the exact split for 2024 is yet to be disclosed, the overall approach will likely reflect Alberta’s focus on attracting skilled professionals and addressing sector-specific labor shortages.

Dedicated Healthcare Pathway: A Focus on Essential Workers

Latest Draw for Healthcare Workers

On May 1, 2024, the AAIP invited 40 candidates under the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway. This targeted draw highlights Alberta’s commitment to strengthening its healthcare system by attracting skilled professionals. The minimum score for this draw was 305 points, reflecting the competitive nature of the selection process.

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Year-to-Date Invitations

As of this announcement, Alberta has invited 499 candidates through the AAIP Express Entry streams in 2024. This includes healthcare professionals, whose expertise is critical in addressing the ongoing demands of the healthcare sector.

Detailed Overview of 2023 Nomination Certificates

Non-Express Entry Streams

In 2023, the majority of nomination certificates were issued through non-express Entry streams, with a total of 5,850 allocations. The Alberta Opportunity Stream led the way with 4,971 nominations, followed by the Rural Renewal Stream with 875. The Entrepreneur streams, although fewer in number, also played a vital role in fostering business innovation and economic growth.

Express Entry Streams

The Express Entry streams accounted for 4,179 nominations. The Family Connection and Occupation in Demand pathways issued 1,220 nominations, while the Accelerated Tech Pathway contributed significantly with 1,996 nominations. The Dedicated Healthcare Pathway issued 122 nominations, underscoring the importance of healthcare professionals in the province.

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Processing Times and Application Volumes

Worker Streams

For those applying through worker streams, the Alberta Opportunity Stream has approximately 3,833 applications in the queue with an estimated processing time of seven months. The Alberta Express Entry Stream, which includes various pathways such as the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway and Accelerated Tech Pathway, has quicker processing times, particularly the Dedicated Healthcare Pathway, which averages around two weeks.

Entrepreneur Streams

The Entrepreneur streams have specific timelines for each phase of the application process. For example, the Graduate Entrepreneur Stream and the Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream have estimated processing times of four months from the final report submission to the final nomination decision.

High-Volume Occupations

Certain occupations have a high volume of applications, leading to longer processing times. These include food service supervisors, cooks, retail sales supervisors, and administrative assistants, among others. The AAIP manages these volumes by prioritizing occupations based on labor market needs and economic development strategies.

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Express Entry Draws and Strategic Priorities

Selection Parameters

The AAIP regularly reviews candidates in the federal Express Entry pool. For 2023, about 31% of nominations were allocated to candidates in in-demand occupations with close family connections in Alberta. Another 23% was allocated to those in the healthcare, construction, agriculture, hospitality, and tourism sectors. The Accelerated Tech Pathway received 45% of the nominations, highlighting the province’s focus on technological innovation.

Recent Draws

Information about past draws is updated regularly to reflect the latest data. This transparency helps potential applicants understand the selection process and prepare their applications accordingly.

Alberta’s Commitment to Strategic Immigration

Alberta’s 2024 nomination certificate limits and the targeted invitation of healthcare workers underscore the province’s strategic approach to immigration. By maintaining stable nomination numbers and focusing on essential sectors, Alberta continues to attract skilled professionals who can contribute to its economic growth and community well-being. This commitment to strategic immigration ensures that Alberta remains a desirable destination for immigrants seeking opportunities and a high quality of life.

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