Foreign Workers and Entrepreneurs

British Columbia PNP Extends Invitations to Foreign Workers and Entrepreneurs

In a remarkable display of commitment to immigration, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) orchestrated consecutive invitation rounds on December 5, 2023. This latest development in BC PNP’s strategy emphasizes the province’s dedication to inclusivity by extending invitations with relatively low scores.

Invitation Details: Who Got Invited?

The latest BC PNP draws, conducted on December 5, 2023, witnessed the issuance of Invitations to Apply (ITAs) to 198 candidates. These individuals, representing both foreign workers and entrepreneurs, were the focal point of attention in this noteworthy event.

Draw 1: Skills Immigration

In the first draw, tailored for the Skills Immigration stream, several categories were considered. Here’s a breakdown of the draw types, minimum scores required, and the corresponding number of invitations issued:

  • Skilled Worker, International Graduate (including EEBC option): Tech Draw, Minimum Score: 94, Invitations: 92
  • Healthcare Draw: Minimum Score: 60, Invitations: 24
  • Construction Draw: Minimum Score: 75, Invitations: 31
  • Childcare Draw: Minimum Score: 60, Invitations: 46
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Draw 2: Entrepreneur Immigration

The second draw, specifically designed for the Entrepreneur Immigration stream, took place on December 5, 2023, with the following details:

  • Base: Minimum Score: 116, Invitations: 5

BC PNP’s Consistent Efforts in 2023

Throughout 2023, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program has been conducting frequent draws, almost every month. The program adopts a bi-weekly invitation issuance schedule, with occasional exceptions. The frequency, size, and timing of the subsequent BC PNP draw are contingent upon the specific needs of BC’s application inventory at any given time.

These consecutive draws underscore British Columbia’s unwavering commitment to prioritizing the selection of Skilled Workers and International Graduates. The province aims to identify individuals possessing the essential skills, qualifications, and potential to thrive in its vibrant and diverse economy.

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British Columbia PNP’s proactive approach in conducting regular draws reflects its dedication to welcoming foreign talent, contributing to the economic growth of the province, and fostering a diverse and skilled workforce. The recent draws stand as a testament to British Columbia’s attractiveness as a destination for skilled workers and entrepreneurs seeking new opportunities and a vibrant community. As the program continues to evolve, prospective immigrants can anticipate further opportunities to be part of this dynamic province.

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