Nursing Shortages

Addressing Nursing Shortages: Saskatchewan Polytechnic Partners with PEI for Internationally Educated Nurses

The collaboration between Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the Government of Prince Edward Island (PEI) marks a significant milestone in addressing the pressing need for qualified nurses in PEI. By offering specialized programs tailored for internationally educated nurses, this partnership aims to bolster the healthcare workforce and meet the evolving demands of Canada’s healthcare system.

Meeting the Demand

The agreement between Saskatchewan Polytechnic and PEI signifies a proactive approach to alleviate nursing shortages in PEI. Through the delivery of Transition to Registered Nursing in Canada and the Registered Nurse Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Nurses, the initiative seeks to equip nurses with the necessary skills and knowledge to seamlessly integrate into the Canadian healthcare landscape.

Enhancing Skills and Understanding

The programs curated by Saskatchewan Polytechnic focus on enhancing the proficiency of internationally educated nurses while familiarizing them with the intricacies of the Canadian healthcare system. By providing comprehensive education on various healthcare aspects, including communication, cultural competency, and safety protocols, the initiative ensures that nurses are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of their profession.

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Flexible Delivery Model

Utilizing a hybrid model, the programs offer a blend of online theoretical courses and hands-on clinical practice experiences. This approach not only facilitates accessibility for learners but also ensures that they acquire practical skills aligned with Canadian healthcare standards. The in-person component, conducted in PEI, allows for the assessment of clinical competencies in a local context.

Immediate Impact

The commencement of the program with 11 enrolled learners signals the initiative’s immediate impact in addressing nursing shortages. With additional cohorts scheduled for enrollment each month, the initiative is poised to make significant strides in augmenting the nursing workforce in PEI, thereby enhancing healthcare services for the community.

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Pathway to Licensure

A pivotal aspect of the programs is the preparation of learners for the National Council Licensure Examination (Next Gen NCLEX), a crucial step towards licensure in Canada. Upon successful completion of the examination, graduates may qualify for registration with the College of Registered Nurses and Midwives of PEI, unlocking a myriad of career opportunities across healthcare settings.

Empowering Career Opportunities

By obtaining recognition from the College of Registered Nurses and Midwives of PEI, graduates gain access to diverse career pathways, ranging from hospitals to community clinics. This not only addresses the immediate staffing needs but also fosters the long-term sustainability of healthcare services in PEI.

Commitment to Excellence

Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s renowned School of Nursing brings a wealth of expertise to this partnership, ensuring the delivery of high-quality nursing education. Through this collaboration, the institution reaffirms its dedication to providing accessible and industry-relevant education, thereby contributing to the overall advancement of healthcare in Canada.

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The partnership between Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the Government of PEI exemplifies a concerted effort to mitigate nursing shortages and enhance healthcare delivery. By equipping internationally educated nurses with the requisite skills and knowledge, the initiative not only addresses immediate staffing needs but also lays the groundwork for a resilient and skilled nursing workforce in PEI.

As the programs unfold, the impact on healthcare outcomes in PEI is poised to be profound, underscoring the transformative potential of strategic collaborations in addressing healthcare challenges.

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