3 Mistakes You Must Never Make When Choosing a Canada Immigration Professional

3 Mistakes You Must Never Make When Choosing a Canada Immigration Professional

The worst of the Covid-19 pandemic may have passed but it will still take a bit more time for things to get back to normal again. So, while immigration programs may be up and running with timely draws and all, completing the formalities and moving to Canada can still be a very complicated process.

Simple tasks like following with your country’s authorities for police certificates or medical fitness reports can take more time than usual. The complications involved in completing these procedures and submitting your biometrics cannot be avoided.

However, you certainly can make things easier for you by avoiding these three mistakes when selecting an immigration professional for your Canada immigration formalities.

Never Never Never…. Never Work With Unauthorized or Unaccredited Persons

It’s simply impossible to put more emphasis on this point. You want to take the risk of applying on your own and completing the formalities on your own? That’s perfectly fine. An immigration attorney can make things a lot easier but it’s not impossible to immigrate to Canada on your own.

But, never try to route your application through an unaccredited or unauthorized person just because it costs less money or time.

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And how to find whether the person you are dealing with is permitted by law to provide immigration assistance? Simple. Just ask them to share their credentials. A true professional will never be offended by such a request.

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Rather, he/she will appreciate your caution and share ICRCC membership details along with information on how you can verify the same.

Another useful trick to identify scamsters is to make an impossible demand like entering Canada without a work permit or securing permanent residence with out medical reports. Genuine professionals will simply tell you the truth—this is just not possible.

A fake attorney or somebody pretending to be an immigration consultant will agree to keep you in good humor and to extract more money from you.

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Premium Processing—Only Way to Jump the Line

Want to jump the queue at your local embassy and submit your biometrics early? Want your work permit application to be processed faster? Want Canada immigration authorities to reply to your mails faster?

Don’t fall for claims of fake immigration professionals about how they have good contacts and can help speed up the processing of your application.

Canada offers premium processing where you pay a higher fee to the government for faster processing of your file. However, this is not available to all applicants and for all procedures and formalities.

If you don’t qualify for premium processing, then you have no option but to wait. So, don’t complicate matters by resorting to illegal methods to jump the line. It will be a waste of money and you will be face risk of rejection on ground of criminal inadmissibility.

Stay Away from Limited Time Offers

The pandemic has already disrupted your normal life. In such a scenario, it’s best to stay away from anybody making impossible promises at fantastic prices provided you sign up immediately or regret forever.

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From speeding up processing on your immigration file to helping you bypass travel restrictions—don’t ever get forced to take a decision in a hurry.

A real professional will just lay the facts on the table and sit back and let you decide at your convenience. And never believe you don’t have alternatives. Not eligible for Express Entry? There are PNP streams you can explore. Doesn’t work? There’s the Atlantic pilot. Not that? Then study in Canada to qualify for international graduate immigration options.

Select a Good Immigration Attorney and Play it Safe

If you are serious about immigrating to Canada, then the simplest and smartest option is to hire an immigration attorney at the earliest. This is the safest way to track all the changes in rules, procedures, and formalities and to understand how it impacts your prospects.

You have to be incredibly lucky to have a smooth and hassle-free DIY immigration experience. Over the long run, professional immigration assistance will be a smart investment that will help you achieve your goal of moving to Canada with minimal delays or complications.

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