World's Top Passport Holders in 2024

Canada Secures Its Position Among the World’s Top Passport Holders in 2024

In the ever-changing landscape of global mobility, Canada continues to shine, retaining one of the world’s top passports in 2024. Despite trailing behind the United States, the Passport Index, an interactive ranking tool, places Canada in the seventh-highest grouping globally, alongside nations like Malta, Lithuania, Slovenia, Estonia, and Australia.

Global Passport Power Rank 2024

The Passport Index recently unveiled its annual Global Passport Power Rank for 2024, evaluating passports from 193 UN member states and six territories. These territories include ROC Taiwan, Macao (SAR China), Hong Kong (SAR China), Palestinian Territory, and the Vatican. The assessment is based on the Mobility Score (MS), reflecting the ease of travel, considering visa-free and visa-on-arrival privileges.

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Canada’s Passport Strength

According to the Index, Canada’s passport holders boast a commendable mobility score of 173. This score is attributed to visa-free access to 124 countries, visa-on-arrival privileges for 49 countries, and Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for 7 countries. However, Canadians still need visas for 25 countries, including notable ones like China, Syria, Egypt, and the Russian Federation.

Comparison With Other Nations

While Canada stands proudly in the seventh-highest grouping, it is noteworthy that the United States, with an MS of 174, secured a position in group six. Similarly, the United Kingdom, boasting an MS of 175, finds itself in group five. Despite these comparisons, Canada’s passport strength remains noteworthy on the global stage.

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Global Rankings Overview

The Passport Index reveals that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) currently holds the title for the most powerful passport, boasting a remarkable Mobility Score of 180. Conversely, Syria finds itself at the bottom of the rankings with a Mobility Score of 40. The top-ranking nations overwhelmingly consist of European countries, with Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and the Netherlands forming the second group. The third group includes Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Austria, and Switzerland.

Groupings in Detail

Delving into the fourth group, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, and Ireland share the spotlight, each with a robust MS of 176. These groupings showcase the global distribution of passport strength, emphasizing the prominence of European nations in the upper echelons of mobility.

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Canada’s consistent presence among the world’s top passport holders reflects its commitment to fostering international connections and promoting ease of travel for its citizens. As we navigate the complexities of global mobility, Canadians are encouraged to explore the opportunities their powerful passport provides.

Stay informed about travel regulations, and take advantage of the privilege that comes with holding a passport from a nation known for its openness and global connectivity. Whether for business or leisure, Canada’s passport opens doors to numerous destinations – a testament to the nation’s standing in the global community.

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