Trucking Movements and Migration Trends—How to Find an Immigrant-Friendly Destination in Canada


Trucking Movements and Migration Trends—How to Find an Immigrant-Friendly Destination in Canada

You are a skilled worker with an advanced degree, good skills, and decent work experience. You are exploring work permit or immigration options in Canada. Which province and which city in this province should you choose?

You are a young student who wants to study in Canada. You know that your choice of province/city goes beyond just quality of education and will have a huge impact on your future in Canada. Which province/city should you choose?

Connection between Migration Patterns and U-Haul Truck Movements

Anybody moving into or out of a Canadian city will require storage equipment and moving services. This means arrival and departures of trucks of moving service providers like U-Haul can help you understand migration trends in different cities and provinces.

If more U-Haul trucks arrive in the city and fewer trucks depart in a year, then it means the city/province is a migrant-friendly destination. Similarly, a high increase in arrivals as compared to the previous year with a relatively smaller increase in departures too indicates to pro-migration trends.

In contrast, a city/province with more departures or a big increase in departures as compared to previous year clearly shows that more people are moving out to other destinations.

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U-Haul Migration Trends for 2020

The difference between U-Haul truck arrivals and departures covering more than 2 million movements across Canada in 2020 highlights the following trends.

  • British Columbia is the preferred destination for immigrants moving in Canada.
  • The list top-25 cities has ten cities from Ontario, six from Quebec, and five from British Columbia.
  • Ontario’s North Bay saw a 20 percent increase in truck arrivals and just a three percent increase in departures in 2020. This made it the top migration destination in Canada for the year. This city was ranked fifth in terms of growth in 2019.
  • Ontario may be a popular migration destination but it was the only province that saw net departures i.e. more departures than arrivals in 2020. All other Canadian provinces showed net arrivals, although the pandemic’s impact must be considered in this.
  • The top-growth province in Canada was British Columbia. However, the province that saw the biggest turnaround was New Brunswick. From a net-departure province in 2019, it turned around to record 23 percent more arrivals and just eight percent more departures in 2020.

As a skilled worker or foreign student, you must use this data to take an informed decision.

Why did New Brunswick see such a turnaround? Should you choose BC over Ontario or should you focus on the fact that Ontario still has ten cities in the list of top-25 migrant-friendly cities in the country? Where does your preferred province rank in this list?

Does your preferred province have an international graduate program? Should you explore Community Immigration Pilot programs? Or the AIPP? Does your province of choice have a PNP stream for non-EE skilled workers with no job offer or work experience requirement?

An experienced immigration professional will help you go beyond such questions and consider migration data and trends to find the right study/immigration destination in Canada.

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