Immigrating to Canada—an Immigration Professional’s Advice on Choosing the Right Province

Immigrating to Canada—an Immigration Professional’s Advice on Choosing the Right Province

Any skilled worker seeking to immigrate to Canada cannot afford to ignore provincial nomination programs.

Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of Federal programs, PNPs have multiple streams focusing on different types of immigrants. From your proficiency in French to study or work experience in a specific province, there are many factors that can help you qualify for a 600-point CRS score
boost and an Express Entry ITA.

However, choosing a province cannot be just about comparing PNP streams and finding the easiest route to the ITA. You must analyze how the economy of each province is structured. With the pandemic creating huge economic disruptions, this process has become even more important for immigration.

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Top Economic Sectors of Canadian Provinces

The economy of Newfoundland and Labrador was once dominated by fishing and fish processing. Today, the province has invested in development of mining and offshore oil production sectors as well.

This means the Atlantic Pilot will be a good option for you if you are a professional working in these sectors.

Ontario has always been the manufacturing hub of the country. However, the past decade has seen it become the tech hub of the country as well. Ontario will be a smart choice if you are exploring job opportunities for the two-week work permit under the Global Talent Stream.

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Quebec has an independent immigration setup. Yet, this does not mean you should ignore how the province’s GDP is structured. Agriculture and manufacturing have been the dominant sectors of this province.

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British Columbia, on the other hand, is a good choice for a tourism or hospitality professional. Focus on these sectors means the province has vibrant real-estate and construction sectors.

Future Prospects post the Pandemic

Considering how the pandemic has hurt travel and tourism the hardest, it is obvious that BC will struggle to revive its economy compared to other provinces. On the other hand, Ontario may witness more growth despite the pandemic because the US continues to discourage skilled workers from entering the country.

Combining such smart analysis with the services of a knowledgeable immigration professional can help you explore opportunities quickly. This would be much better than simply choosing provinces at random.

Changes to PNP Streams

The impact of the pandemic must not be analyzed in isolation. You must keep track of how governments are introducing changes to their PNP streams to attract more skilled immigrants and to boost economic revival.

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So, British Columbia may be hit hard today, but it may also serve as a great opportunity if combination of stimulus measures and pro-immigration policies boost economic revival.

Take Strategic Career Decisions

Planning on joining a post-graduation diploma or course to boost your career prospects?

Try exploring courses in Canada that will help you qualify for international graduate PNP streams. Further, choose your course after considering dominant sectors and industries in the province. This will help you qualify for internships and further post-study employment opportunities in Canada with fewer hassles and complications.

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