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Housing in Canada Insights into the Extended Ban on Foreign Buyers

Housing in Canada: Insights into the Extended Ban on Foreign Buyers

In the ever-evolving narrative of Canadian real estate, a significant chapter unfolds as the government announces the extension of the ban on foreign home purchasing until the end of 2027. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland shared this pivotal decision, emphasizing the government’s commitment to ensuring houses in Canada remain homes for its citizens rather than speculative...

Work Permit for Dependent Children

Canada Introduced New Work Permit Pathways for Dependent Children

In a significant move aimed at addressing labor shortages and enhancing family integration, Canada has introduced a progressive policy that opens doors for dependent children of temporary foreign workers (TFWs) to obtain work permits. This groundbreaking initiative seeks to strengthen families, foster community integration, and tap into untapped talent within the country. Expanding Work Permit...

Think Hiring an Canada Immigration Attorney is a Waste of Money 4-Point Reality Check Ahead

Think Hiring an Immigration Attorney is a Waste of Money? 4-Point Reality Check Ahead

Why you should use an immigration professional for your Canada immigration application? The same reason why you hire architects and engineers to design your home, plumbers for pipe work, and carpenters for making furniture—it’s never as easy as it looks. A cursory look at the immigration process including the detailed eligibility requirements of various Canada immigration...


4 Fantastic Advantages of Hiring a Foreign Worker for your Canadian Business

Why hire a foreign worker? It’s completely natural to have doubts about hiring a foreign skilled worker for your Canadian business. So many legal procedures and formalities along with ongoing immigration compliances. Plus, there will be the cultural challenges of having somebody from another country working with your team. Yet, it doesn’t make sense to avoid hiring...

About Us Covid-19 Just the Final Blow for US—Canada already the Preferred Study Destination for International Students

Covid-19 Just the Final Blow for US—Canada already the Preferred Study Destination for International Students

Hit hard by the disruptions caused by the pandemic, international students in the US received a double whammy when the US President announced that international students choosing online classes over in-person classroom instructions will be stripped of their study visas. Following intense criticism, this rule was withdrawn but only for those already studying in the...

Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Global Talent Stream—A Happy and Prosperous Canadian Life in Just 2-Weeks!

In the fast-paced and ultra-competitive world, employers just cannot afford to wait months for the work permit formalities to be completed for an in-demand position without qualified domestic workers. This is why Canada has setup the Global Talent Stream, which is a unique stream under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. This stream offers fast-track processing...

Business Immigration

Hire Foreign Workers and Prep Your Business for the Post-Covid Economic Revival

The Covid-19 pandemic is certainly the biggest challenge the world has faced in a very long time. Yet, it is not the end of modern civilization, which means you need to start planning for the future. And you should prepare for the Post-COVID Canadian Economy. Unlike past pandemics, we have avoided horrendous casualties by sacrificing...