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fswp draws 2022

FSWP Draws from July 6, 2022—How to Boost Your Canada PR Prospects Going Ahead?

Canada is set to resume all-program, fswp draws from July 6, 2022. Combined with a million job vacancies and Canada’s concentrated effort to tackle its immigration backlog, this probably represents a great opportunity for foreign skilled workers to immigrate to Canada. Why All-Program Draws Matter? Till December 2020, all-program Express Entry draws were the norm...

Canada immigration

Not Eligible for Canada Immigration? A 4-Point Strategy to Help You Live your Canada Dream

How Canada’s points system makes immigration easier for the right candidate and tougher for the wrong candidate. Why is Canada the top-destination for skilled workers and international students today? One key factor is its merit-centric immigration system. So, if you want to study, work, or immigrate to Canada, then you need to understand how its...

Canada Agri-Food-Pilot

Agri-Food Pilot—Canada’s Looking For Permanent Workers for Its Agri-Food Industries

Every eighth worker in Canada is employed either in agriculture or in any of the numerous agri-food industries operating in the country. Canada’s demographic challenges mean these labor-intensive industries are in desperate need for young and efficient workers. This is probably why Canada has setup a pilot immigration program specifically to attract skilled workers in...

Canada immigration for Ambitious Skilled Workers and Entrepreneurs

Canada—No Better Immigration Destination for Ambitious Skilled Workers and Entrepreneurs

  Canada was recently ranked as the most-preferred destination for foreign skilled workers across the world. One reason why Canada displaced the US as the world’s preferred immigrant destination was the anti-immigration policies and rhetoric of Donald Trump. But the US no longer has a President who feels foreign skilled workers steal jobs from Americans...

Why Canada Needs Immigrants The Answer lies in Demographics and Economics

Why Canada Needs Immigrants? The Answer lies in Demographics and Economics

  Why Canada Needs Immigrants? The Answer lies in Demographics and Economics The rhetoric around immigration, both skilled as well as asylum seekers, in the US has created a perception that allowing or disallowing immigrants into the country depends on the personal choice or preferences of the country’s leaders. The truth is that immigration, like...