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School Admission Application

Among international students, Canada is famous for being a place to obtain a Canadian study permit and pursue higher education. Thud, for an international student, Canada is home to gaining an edge in a world-class education.

To become a part of it, fill out the School Admission Application to find out the best fit for you;

How School Admission Application Works

STEP 1: Find the Right Program and School

Complete a short survey and get matched to programs and schools that meet your unique background and interests.

Note: It is important to learn about the school, study programs, costs, and more beforehand

STEP 2: Submit Your Application

Select your program and school, complete your online profile, pay the application fee, and submit the required documents. ApplyBoard will review your application and ensure you’re not missing any information. They may also help you understand certain things like:

  • Tuition fees
  • Medical Coverage
  • How much it costs to live in Canada
  • Language tests
  • Application fees

Note: Every school has its own rules and policies. Thus, it is advisable to contact them and know about the requirements, documentation, and how to apply to the process.

STEP 3: Get Your Letter of Acceptance

Your application is submitted and reviewed by the school. If accepted, you will quickly receive your acceptance letter.

Note: The Letter of Acceptance (LOA) includes: The Canadian DLI name and contact details, the Name of the candidate, date of birth, and registered email address., The study, level, duration of the program with start date, estimated date of completion, Expiry period of the LOA

STEP 4: Start the Visa Process

ApplyBoard’s team of experts provides you with guidance and support during the visa application process and beyond, to give you the best chance of success.

STEP 5: Book Your Plane Ticket and Go!

Once you’ve got your acceptance and visa, book your plane ticket and begin your academic journey in Canada! Don’t forget to arrange your accommodation.

From the preparation of documents to visa counseling, our team of professionals will offer the best assistance possible to get your educational journey get started abroad. Contact us to know more!