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Received an Invitation to Apply (ITA)? Avoid these Errors for Easy Immigration to Canada

Overview of mistakes/errors that applicants often commit and the consequences of such mistakes. The conclusion focuses on the benefits of having an experienced immigration lawyer throughout the application.

In a merit-centric points-based immigration system like Canada, receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) is an important milestone in your attempt to become a Canadian permanent residence.

ITA—Formal Start to the Immigration Process

Creating your Express Entry profile and joining the pool of EE or PNP applicants are merely preliminary steps that indicate your interest in applying for Canadian immigration.

The formal immigration process begins only after you receive an ITA asking you to apply and to pay the application fee, which means any mistake or error can lead to rejection of application or inadmissibility to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

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So, make sure you don’t commit the following mistakes after receiving an ITA.

Not Reviewing your EE or PNP Profile

Your first step after receiving an ITA should be to review your EE or PNP profile and make sure it does not contain any wrong or false information.

If the authorities conclude that you submitted false information on purpose, then your application will be rejected, you will be held inadmissible, and may even be barred from entering Canada for up to five years.

You will have to face penalties even if you are able to prove that the error in your profile/application was not deliberate.

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Not Reverifying your Eligibility

Receiving an ITA does not mean you are approved to work, live, and immigrate to Canada. Once you have verified the information in the profile, your next step should be to re-verify your eligibility.

Has the law changed? Have rules applicable to various PNPs changed? Just check the eligibility criteria of the program again and verify that you continue to qualify for Canadian permanent residence.

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