Ontario PNP Most Recent Draw

Ontario PNP Most Recent Draw Welcomes Over 700 Masters Graduates!

In a remarkable show of dedication to attracting skilled professionals, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has once again conducted a selection round under its Employer Job Offer stream. On August 30, 2023, the latest draw from the Ontario PNP extended invitations to a remarkable 772 candidates, all of whom were eager to embark on their Canadian journey. These aspiring immigrants were fortunate to be selected through the OINP’s Masters Graduate Stream, which required a minimum score of 44 points for eligibility during this round.

Highlights of the Latest Ontario PNP Draw

Date of NOI IssuanceNumber of NOIs IssuedScore RangeType of Draw
August 30, 202377244 and AboveGeneral Draw

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has been diligent in its pursuit of individuals possessing the skills and qualifications necessary to contribute to the province’s flourishing economy and diverse culture. Through a meticulously crafted selection process, the OINP aims to facilitate the seamless integration of skilled professionals into the Ontario workforce.

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The OINP’s Masters Graduate Stream is exclusively incepted to invite people who have pursued education in Ontario. This stream acknowledges the value of international students who have invested their time and resources in pursuing education within the province, offering them a pathway to permanent residency.

To qualify for the Master Graduate Stream, applicants must have successfully completed at least one full year of full-time study in a master’s program at an accredited university in Ontario. Moreover, they must demonstrate a sincere intention to establish their residence in Ontario following their graduation.

The selection process employed by the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is highly competitive, as candidates are assessed based on various factors including their educational background, work experience, language proficiency, and their connections to Ontario. Achieving a score of 44 or higher in this draw serves as a clear indication that the chosen candidates possess a formidable combination of these elements, positioning them as strong contenders for obtaining permanent residency in the province of Ontario.

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The most recent draw conducted by the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) serves as a testament to the province’s unwavering commitment to embracing talented individuals who have the potential to make substantial contributions to its continual growth and prosperity.

As an invited candidate, it is imperative to proceed with diligence, ensuring that you satisfy the eligibility criteria of the specific stream indicated in your ITA and adhere to the 14-day application submission deadline. By doing so, you can take substantial strides toward realizing your Canadian aspirations and becoming a valuable member of the Ontario community.

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