Ontario And Prince Edward Island Held Draws For Provincial Immigration

In the last week of October, two Canadian provinces Ontario and Prince Edward Island released invitations to candidates through Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)is a popular pathway for skilled professionals to immigrate to Canada and get permanent resident status. There are more than 80 provincial immigration streams that are aimed to attract workers, graduates, and entrepreneurs. Each program is designed to fulfill the labor force requirements. Only through these programs, potential applicants can apply for provincial immigration.

However, different nominee programs have varying eligibility criteria for Canada’s ten provinces, except Quebec and Nunavut. Quebec’s immigration programs are regulated by the province and are different from Canada’s immigration programs. The province controls the entire economic class of immigrants. Be that as it may, a provincial nomination is not like the permanent resident status, it can go about as the most vital move towards getting permanent residence from IRCC.

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The PNP in Canada registers for over 80,000 PR admissions each year. It started in 1998 and the consistent rise in the PNP confirmations every year is because the Canadian government thinks of immigration as an economic booster.

Ontario and Prince Edward Island have issued invitations to apply to candidates through Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). Let’s take a quick recap of the provincial immigration results of the PNP draws held in the month of September.

Provincial Immigration Results (October 20th – 29th)


On October 25, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) welcomed 535 candidates from Masters Graduate Stream with a score of 35 or more. Also, 106 candidates with the least score of 24 were welcome to apply for the Ph.D. Graduate program. The two streams were drawn interestingly on August 30.

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These streams require candidates to meet specific eligibility criteria, like the following

  • An applicant must have a master’s degree from a qualifying university in Ontario
  • A candidate is required to have a minimum language requirement of CLB 7 or higher in English or French
  • One must have legally lived in Ontario for a minimum of one in the past two years

Among all provinces/territories in Canada, Ontario has the largest number of newcomers every year. It additionally offers the biggest distribution of invitations to apply accessible under any PNP in Canada. To note, Ontario is going to admit 9750 candidates.

Prince Edward Island

On October 20, Prince Edward Island welcomed 194 applicants through the Labour and Express Entry streams and 10 through the Business Work Permit Entrepreneur stream for a sum of 204 invitations. The base score expected for Business Work Permit Entrepreneur candidates was 72. The PEI PNP should get an Expression of Interest (EOI) from Express Section applicants who wish to be assigned by PEI.

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Just Like the Express Entry’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), EOI profiles are scored given PEI’s score-based grid, and the top candidates are welcome to apply through monthly draws. Every month, Prince Edward Island holds draws through the PEI PNP.

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