OINP Express Entry Draw

OINP Express Entry Draw Creates Pathways for 2,359 Candidates

In a significant development, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) conducted a new Express Entry draw today, issuing invitations to 2,359 profiles to claim provincial nominations.

OINP Human Capital Priorities Stream: A Spotlight on Tech Occupations

The draw, conducted under the Human Capital Priorities Stream (HCP), targeted Express Entry profiles with experience in 15 specific tech occupations. This inclusion signifies the province’s strategic focus on individuals with skills and expertise in the technology sector.

Record-Breaking Invitations

This draw stands out as the highest ever in terms of the number of invitations issued in a single OINP HCP draw. Furthermore, it ranks as the second-highest overall in the OINP Express Entry draws of 2023. This underscores Ontario’s commitment to attracting and retaining skilled professionals in the technology domain.


CRS Score Parameters: A Closer Look

Profiles with a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score falling between 473 and 480 were eligible to receive invitations to accept provincial nominations from Ontario. This targeted approach aims to bring in candidates with competitive scores, ensuring a diverse pool of skilled individuals.

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Strategic Reference to Previous IRCC Express Entry Draw

In a strategic move, the OINP referenced the last Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Express Entry draw, which directly invited profiles with experience in 24 STEM occupations and a CRS score of 481. Leveraging this, the OINP extended invitations to candidates with CRS scores lower than the reference draw, demonstrating a nuanced approach to candidate selection.

Inclusion Period for OINP Draw

Express Entry profiles meeting the specified criteria and created between December 14, 2022, and December 14, 2023, were considered for the OINP draw conducted today. This timeframe ensures that the draw encompasses a diverse range of eligible candidates who have entered the Express Entry pool within the past year.

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Response Window for Invited Candidates

Candidates fortunate enough to receive invitations in today’s draw have a 45-day window to respond with a complete application, indicating their acceptance of provincial nominations. This responsive timeframe reflects Ontario’s commitment to streamlining the immigration process for successful candidates.

Post-Nomination Score Boost: A Significant Advantage

Upon receiving an OINP nomination, profiles gain a substantial boost of 600 points, elevating their CRS scores to a range between 1,073 and 1,080. This score enhancement virtually guarantees their selection in the subsequent Express Entry draw, emphasizing the significance of provincial nominations in the immigration process.

Focus on Tech Occupations

The draw specifically targeted profiles with experience in the following 15 tech occupations:

Computer and information systems managersData Scientists
Cybersecurity specialistsBusiness system analysts
Information systems specialistsDatabase analysts and data administrators
Computer systems developers and programmersSoftware engineers and designers
Software developers and programmersWeb designers
Web developers and programmersComputer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
Computer network techniciansUser support technicians
Information systems testing technicians

This detailed list highlights the diversity of occupations within the tech sector that Ontario aims to attract through its Express Entry draws.

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Overview of OINP HCP Draws in 2023

The table below provides an overview of OINP HCP draws conducted in 2023, showcasing the number of invitations and CRS score ranges for each draw:

DateInvitationsCRS Score Range
December 14, 20232,359473 – 480
November 30, 20231,052404-430
September 26, 20231,696350-462
August 11 – 16, 20232,084473-516
August 16, 2023751473-495
July 20, 2023902458-462
July 20, 2023159458-462
July 6, 2023748479-485
May 8, 20232,349427-482
May 5, 20231,863475-482
March 10, 2023815479-489
March 8-9, 2023822469-489
February 2, 20231,127481-489
February 2, 2023775476-489

Summary of Ontario Express Entry Draws 2023

OINP Express Entry StreamInvitationsCRS Score Range
Human Capital Priorities stream17,502350-516
French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream1,490250–516
Skilled Trades stream7,512291–489

This comprehensive summary outlines the key highlights of OINP Express Entry draws in 2023, showcasing the program’s impact on various streams and the diversity of candidates invited.

The latest OINP Express Entry draw reinforces Ontario’s commitment to attracting skilled professionals, particularly in the technology sector. The strategic targeting of tech occupations and the nuanced approach to CRS score parameters demonstrate the province’s adaptability in aligning with the evolving landscape of skilled immigration. For candidates aspiring to make Ontario their home, staying informed about these draws and meeting the specified criteria can open doors to promising opportunities in the province.

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