More than 750 million people around the world would migrate if they could!

A recent Gallup World Poll survey reveals that 15% of the global population of over 750 million people would migrate if they could. For instance, The desire to migrate has increased in developed regions. These are North America and non-EU member states in Europe.

The poll shows the number wanting to move is rising in Latin America and the Caribbean. Also in the Middle East and North Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa. In these countries where ongoing armed conflicts are fueling the desire to migrate. Most importantly, The US remains the leading choice for would-be migrants and this has been the case since Gallup’s polls began over a decade ago.

Despite the Trump administration toughening immigration rules, one in five migrants chose the US as their favored destination in 2017. Secondly, across the border, Canada is in second place as the top choice of 47 million potential migrants. Germany, in third, was the preferred destination for 42 million. Interest in the UK has dropped in recent years. The uncertainty related to the 2016 Brexit vote is a potential factor.

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